Tips from Costa Rica Vacations on the Best Things to do in Costa Rica During Rainy Season

Rainy season in Costa Rica is May through November, but there's still many great things to do during that time. Costa Rica Vacations, a local-based travel agency, knows the country well and has suggestions for your rainy season vacation to Costa Rica.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica, September 02, 2017 --( Costa Rica Vacations, the travel agency based in Costa Rica and serving clients with packages for almost 20 years, knows exactly what to do in the country. Among the many distinct qualities of Costa Rica is the fact that it only has two seasons. There’s dry season and then there’s rainy season, also known as green season because all the precipitation helps the extensive plant life bloom and grown, and well, become green.

But, just because the skies are leaky from May until November, doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of great activities to do in Costa Rica. As a matter of fact, rain is part and parcel of what makes this country a unique place to plan Costa Rica vacation. Costa Rica Vacations are experts in this planning.

Here are some great suggestions for what to do in Costa Rica in rainy season from Ellen Zoe Golden, a longtime travel agent for Costa Rica Vacations:

1) Visit the rainforest. After all, in the higher altitudes of rain forest, it tends to be wet all year round. And that doesn’t stop anyone from taking part in the available activities. Take Arenal Volcano, for example. Located higher up in the middle of the country, Arenal Volcano is surrounded by lovely rainforest. The area is known for its great hikes, both gentle and rigorous, that afford the opportunity to look at beautiful flora and fauna, the volcano and waterfalls. Of course, the naturally heated mineral hot springs of the area are wonderful in any weather.
2) Go even higher and see the cloud forest. At a greater altitude lies Monteverde, the forested town founded by Quakers. The animals and plant life are unique to a cloud forest, and the area even offers trail walks in the day and the night to see what comes out at these different times. And, there is nowhere in Costa Rica better to take a canopy zipline than in Monteverde.
3) Check out the Caribbean side of the country. While the eastern side of Costa Rica doesn’t really have a rainy season, it tends to be dry in October. This is the perfect time for an adventure to Tortuguero National park, an island without any cars, moving around from your lodge (where food and room are included in the price) to the town and through the canals of the park by boat. You can also hit the beach in Puerto Viejo and enjoy rice and beans meals, which are distinctively different from the rest of the country’s arroz con frijoles or gallo pinto, because cooks add coconut to it for flavor
4) Surf bigger waves. Costa Rica has a reputation for great surf all year, but with the weather comes a lot of swell. Take lessons and get started on one of the world’s most popular—and fun—sport. Enjoy the stoke.
5) Hit the beaches. What? In rainy season? That’s just another one of the unique aspects of Costa Rican weather. In Guanacaste, the driest province in the country, rainfall is limited to a portion of the day from May until September. That means you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and beach early in the day, then hunker down later in the afternoon with a cocktail. And the sunsets, well nothing beats the glorious palette of colors displayed at this time of year.

A great advantage of booking your trip in the green season is that the country is less crowded, while hotels and other tour businesses offer lower costs for this time of year. Make sure to reach out to a local travel agent, one based in Costa Rica, to compile the best low season Costa Rica tour package.
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