Midbrook Inc. Diversifies Into Medical Cleaning and Decontamination

Midbrook, Inc., a recognized leading manufacturer of aqueous and sealed solvent cleaning systems has announced the diversification of their operations into the Medical and Health Care field. Midbrook currently serves the industrial, automotive, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries with its customized cleaning equipment.

Jackson, MI, February 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- This diversification move expands Midbrook’s cleaning expertise into hospital and surgical centers with the Tempest™ line of cleaning and decontamination machines.

With more than twenty years experience in the automotive parts washing industry, Midbrook hopes to use their expertise to spark innovation in the medical cleaning field as well. Midbrook’s core expertise in the industrial market helped create measurable standards in the automotive manufacturing process. Currently, the medical field lacks such measurable standards in decontamination, which creates the risk of inconsistency in the process. Note: Decontamination refers to the removal of foreign matter prior to sterilization. Midbrook will use their experience in creating and meeting quantitative automotive standards to redefine the way the medical marketplace views clean.

The initial Midbrook Tempest™ line will feature four standardized products for hospital central processing departments.
· Cart Washer – this washer cleans a cart loaded with post-surgical equipment leaving the sterile field. This includes primarily pans, IV poles, and the surgical gurney.
· Sonic Washer – mainly used for the small, delicate instrumentation such as capillary tubes, needle leads, and other inserted devices. This system utilizes cross field ultrasonic cavitation waves.
· Instrument Washer – cleans the bulk of the hand held surgical tools such as scissors, scalpels, bone saws, rib spreaders and other common items.
· Lathroscopy Washer - specifically designed for advanced equipment such as laparoscopic surgery tools and the robotic surgery tools that are becoming more common place in hospitals. This machine will keep pace with the rapid technological advances in medical tools which require equally advanced and innovative cleaning.

“The Medical line is another step in a long history of diversification for Midbrook,” says Todd Lutz, Business Manager for the Medical Field. “By expanding into a new field, Midbrook will continue to grow and set a leadership example for other businesses in the U.S. based manufacturing industry.”

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