The Future of DIY is Now. Learn About Astronomy, Circuits, and Paper Engineering with the Space Tech-Craft Kit from TechnoChic, Inspired by NASA’s Voyager.

Jersey City, NJ, September 07, 2017 --( TechnoChic, the company that combines DIY electronics with arts & crafts has released a new tech-craft kit via Kickstarter that lets makers build a light-up pop-up solar system greeting card with light-up sun and pop-up planets. Inspired by NASA’s Voyager mission and featuring the Voyager spacecraft, this new tech-craft kit serves as inspiration to keep exploring new skillsets, especially for crafters whom may not venture into DIY electronics on their own.

“I hope to share my love for paper engineering and electronics and also to bring the DIY worlds of craft and tech together,” said Natasha Dzurny, owner of TechnoChic. “I’ve worked on tech teams with many more guys than gals, and I believe that combining these disciplines will help balance the gender gap in the tech industry. If we keep thinking of certain activities as being for "girls" and for "boys" we will miss out on many people finding their true calling.”

The Voyager Inspiration
The new tech-craft kit commemorates the 40th anniversary of NASA’s Voyager mission: In August and September 1977, the Voyager mission launched two spacecraft. The original plans for the mission were to flyby and study Jupiter and Saturn, but Voyager 1 and 2 have given us so much more - close up pictures of Uranus and Neptune, and our first understanding of interstellar space - a place beyond our Sun's influence. With them we sent a cultural snapshot and map toward our home on two golden records in case they encounter intelligent extra-terrestrial life.

The Voyager mission is the ultimate inspiration to keep learning, exploring and breaking boundaries. Just as the golden records point home, in the TechnoChic Space card kit the Voyager serves as a switch to illuminate the sun and show our place in the universe:

The kits include everything you need including electronic components, pre-cut paper shapes and envelope.

Learn how to:

Assemble the card using paper engineering techniques
Construct an electronic switch with paper and copper tape
Model our Solar System

The Kickstarter campaign will be live until September 26, 2017 at 8:00 pm EDT. Rewards for the campaign include the Space card kit, other TechnoChic kits (other DIY light-up pop-up greeting card kits (Rudolph, Xmas Tree, Snowflake, Heart) and TechnoChic Flashy Flowers and Blinky Bow Ties kits) plus, backers have the opportunity to donate kits to school science classes. The kits start at $14.00 and become less expensive with increased quantities.

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About TechnoChic
TechnoChic makes DIY tech-craft kits that combine crafts with electronics and engineering. For too long, creators have identified with a certain type of skill set - either hard skills like soldering and robotics or soft skills like knitting and sewing. These two groups rarely crossed, and that same line has often been drawn between genders.

TechnoChic shatters these conventions by providing a resource for crafters to explore technology, and techies to explore craft. Natasha Dzurny is the owner and designer of the kits, and draws from years of design, customer service and electronics experience. The kits target smart, crafty girls age 8 - 12, but customers include the greater arts & crafts market - including all ages and genders.

TechnoChic sells tech-craft kits direct to consumer online, at large events like Maker Faire, in select retail stores, and also in the preliminary stages of developing a monthly subscription. For more information, go to

About Natasha Dzurny
Natasha Dzurny is the owner and designer of TechnoChic DIY Tech-Craft kits. As the daughter of a school teacher and a marketing guy, Natasha easily turned her passion for arts and crafts into an educational products business. She holds a BFA in Advertising Design from SCAD and a MPS in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU, and has spent her professional career in education and design positions, including teaching apps like Final Cut Pro for the Apple Store, and designing products for companies like Creator Box and LittleBits. Natasha had dedicated her diverse knowledge to making both arts & crafts and science & engineering more inclusive to all genders.
Natasha Dzurny
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