New Fertilizer Goes Beyond Organic

Improving Sustainable Regenerative Farming Increases Yield While Taking a Bit Out of CO2

Torrance, CA, September 11, 2017 --( Organic Micro Green Corporation announces the launch of its new product line, Ultrapro Series, an “Organic Liquid Living Micro-Algae” fertilizer. The new product was designed to revolutionize organic and high-energy farming. 5 years in development in cooperation with national laboratories, universities and local farmers to be compatible with current farming techniques. The living algae is fed the basic N-P-K and other nutrients during its production in Santa Fe, NM. Normally these nutrients would have to be individually and manually added to the soil in both conventional and organic farming. When applied to the soil, during watering, the water acts as a catalyst to penetrate the micro-algae into the soil. Once in the soil it literally brings the soil to life in way no other fertilizer can. By working symbiotically with the plants root system delivering the nutrients it was fed in production along with the other microbes already existing in the soil. The more ULTRAPro is used, the more it fortifies and decompresses the soil, creating effects similar to that of worm castings. This symbiotic relationship is naturally healthy for the soil, the plant and safe for the environment. The initially cost is comparable to that of conventional fertilizers and with continued use on the same soil the cost averages are less. When diluted ULTRAPro will cover approximately 1 acre of farmland, depending on the application. ULTRAPro can also be customized to meet a farms nutritional needs. It can also be mixed with other products and nutrients. Organic Micro Green also offers long-term fixed cost contracts to qualifying commercial farmers.

The decompression of the soil reduces watering by as much as 40%. Another advantage of using ULTRAPro is that it is “carbon negative” absorbing 2 grams of carbon for every 1 gram of living algae.

ULTRAPro is environmentally friendly with virtually no leaching, has been shown to increase yields from 15% to 100%, improves the health of both the soil and the plant. ULTRAPro micro-algae, unlike manure, has no lingering odor, is easy, safe and clean to apply. It improves the natural taste, flavor and nutritional value of the produce, conserves water, is carbon negative, energy saving and the latest development in sustainable regenerative farming and because micro-algae contains no animal products it is also vegan friendly.

The ULTRAPro All Purpose is effective for home use and once applied is safe for people and pets. ULTRAPro AGGI Liquid Compost is formulated for commercial crops, vineyards, orchards, fruit, citrus and nut trees, feeding pastures, shade trees, shrubs, lawns, home garden, flowers, playgrounds, sports fields and more.

ULTRAPro is in process of being listed for organic use with OMRI.

UltraPro is available direct from Organic Micro Green at or

Distributors and independent sales reps interested in representing the full line of ULTRAPro and Genesis Series should contact Organic Micro Green.

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