Innovaccer Launches Its Disruptive Care Intelligence System

Innovaccer is pleased to introduce World’s first Care Intelligence System(TM), to be the bedrock of Value based healthcare. It is the only platform that has been designed for the care teams to streamline their workflows, reduce IT dependency and yet reach more of their at-risk patients.

Berkeley, CA, September 21, 2017 --( Innovaccer, Inc., one of the fastest growing health tech companies, announced the launch of Care Intelligence SystemTM, a groundbreaking platform that combines the next-generation technology with healthcare’s best practices to deliver data integration, analytics, intelligent process flows, and advanced provider-patient engagement modules.

CMS has introduced many payments models that are making healthcare quality-centric. For these models to be successful, innovations in care delivery have to go beyond the limitations of traditional methods and its ancillary technology and deliver true value-based care. Health IT can leverage advanced technology to deliver meaningful insights from massive data and engage with patients in real-time.

Innovaccer’s CIS(TM) has been designed to form the technological backbone for healthcare. Care teams will be able to access standardized and democratized data which can unlock valuable insights. Equipped with Machine Learning, Micro-service architecture, and Artificial Intelligence, CIS(TM) enables improvements in the care continuum.

“Data in healthcare is growing exponentially, which presents an opportunity to capitalize on value-based care. With the right information in real-time, care teams can create impact at scale on population health,” said Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. “The time has come to leverage innovations in health IT to drive better clinical and financial outcomes. With the experience gained from working with top healthcare organizations, we designed CIS(TM) for healthcare, prioritizing care teams’ need to disrupt the traditional care delivery paradigm.”

CIS(TM) combines several advanced Big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark with heuristic and machine learning algorithms. The applications which the system fine-tunes are:

Healthcare Data Integration: Plug-n-play connectivity to 60+ EMRs bringing data into an Integrated Data Lake - a scalable and Hadoop-based repository - that can ingest CCDA documents, ADT files, HL7 feeds, 835/837 files, flat files, and a lot more.

Value-based Analytics: Predictive and prescriptive analytics that can assist providers in gaining real-time insights about health outcomes, identify the at-risk population, and pinpoint highlights in the network performance metrics.

Quality Reporting: One-click reporting and quality tracking on various measures including performance percentage to assist healthcare organizations in understanding growth opportunities.

Care Coordination: AI-assisted care coordination to eliminate manual Excel sheets, set priorities, track risk scores, and generate dynamic care plans for patients.

Patient Engagement: User-friendly patient portals to obtain easy access to their medical history, lab results, appointments with push notifications and alerts, all managed centrally from a single application.

Provider Engagement: Information exchange and provider exchange channel specific to every healthcare organization, ranging from fax, printouts, third-party applications to mobile apps and making them cost-effective to get superior returns on investment.

“With an increased focus on alternative payment models, a Care Intelligence System is required for Clinically Integrated Networks to thrive in value-based care and be prepared for future payment reforms,” said Nathan Riggle Director Analytics at Mercy ACO.

Innovaccer will be exhibiting the Care Intelligence System(TM) at Booth #1408 at Becker's Hospital Review 3rd Annual Health IT & Revenue Cycle Conference, from September 21-23 in Chicago, Illinois.

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc is a Silicon Valley-based, healthcare platform company easing care teams’ transition to a value-based future through its Care Intelligence SystemTM. Innovaccer’s aim is to simplify complex data from all points of care, streamline the information, enable point-of-care decision-making, and realize strategic value-based goals based on the intelligent insights and predictions from care data. Its proprietary product, Datashop is the Care Intelligence SystemTM for healthcare that enables provider organizations to use data as a source of innovation. It has been deployed across 15 countries at academic institutions, governmental organizations, and several healthcare bastions such as Mercy ACO, Compass Medical, Catalyst Health Network, Rochester RHIO, Osler Health Network, El Paso HIE, Hartford Health Systems, etc.

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