Atlanta Skydiving Center
Atlanta Skydiving Center

Atlanta Skydiving Center Supports the Community, Offering Young People Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Promote Positive Youth Development

Located near Atlanta, GA, Atlanta Skydiving Center, one of the nation’s premier skydiving centers, supports the community by offering young people healthy activity options to promote positive development.

Smyrna, GA, March 01, 2006 --( Located near Atlanta, GA, in Cedartown, GA, Atlanta Skydiving Center is one of the nation’s premier skydiving centers. Recently, Atlanta Skydiving Center focused its attention on the community’s young people, offering them healthy activities to promote positive youth development.

On February 9, Atlanta Skydiving Center participated in a “Lunch and Learn” held at Wheeler High School, in Marietta, GA. Over 200 high school students enjoyed brown bag lunches while listening to various presenters discuss healthy activities for them to enjoy. The Lunch and Learn was designed to support the community’s young people by urging them to adopt healthy lifestyles rather than destructive ones.

Of the various activities presented, the skydiving segment, delivered by skydiving coach, Dan McAllister, of Atlanta Skydiving Center, appeared to garner the most interest.

During a video presentation showcasing young people skydiving at Atlanta Skydiving Center, the students’ eyes were glued to the projection screen. The Wheeler High School students sat quietly and spellbound as the young people in the video leapt out of a plane, freefalling through the fathomless sky.

After the video, McAllister discussed the enthralling world of skydiving. McAllister tapped his wealth of knowledge, garnered from almost 1,000 jumps, to paint a verbal portrait of skydiving enthusiasts.

McAllister ended his presentation by fielding the eager students’ questions. The students inquired about such items as:

• What happens if you jump out of a plane and faint before you open your parachute?
(Answer: Today, due to advanced technology in the sport of skydiving, if a skydiver does not open his or her main parachute, the reserve chute will automatically deploy at 1,000 feet.)

• How fast does a person fall through the air before opening the parachute?
(Answer: Around 125 miles an hour)

• Do people ever die when skydiving?
(Answer: Yes, but a person’s chances of being hit by lightning and bitten by a shark at the same time are greater than the chance of dying while skydiving.)

The Adolescent Health and Youth Development Center, the YMCA of East Cobb County, and Hands on Atlanta also presented positive lifestyle activities at the “Lunch and Learn.”

In addition to being a leader in the skydiving industry, Atlanta Skydiving Center is also committed to supporting the community. Atlanta Skydiving Center appreciates the opportunity to provide young people with positive lifestyle choices and will continue supporting the community’s young people in the future.

More information about Atlanta Skydiving Center and its community action involvement may be obtained by visiting or by calling (770) 684-3483.

About Atlanta Skydiving Center

Atlanta Skydiving Center, one of the nation’s premier skydiving centers, is located near Atlanta, GA, in Cedartown, GA. Atlanta Skydiving Center is the industry’s southeastern technology leader. Offering state-of-the-art training, equipment, and jump planes, as well as the sport’s foremost skydiving coaches, Atlanta Skydiving Center is dedicated to providing thrilling experiences to adventure seekers from all areas of the nation. More information about Atlanta Skydiving Center may be obtained by visiting or by calling (770) 684-3483.

Atlanta Skydiving Center
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