Self-Made Author Shares Secrets to Achieving Success in Life in New Book

A new book released by Dog Ear Publishing helps readers make positive changes in their lives. Kim Ha Campbell shares personal experiences with her advice.

Suwanee, GA, October 02, 2017 --( Helping others find the possibility of passion, fun, peace, love and abundance in their lives is something Kim Ha Campbell is passionate about. She shares her life’s experiences and method for achieving those same goals in a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. In the book she describes how she found strength, independence, conviction and clarity and the history of her numerous successes, the best ways for each individual and personality type to approach and achieve goals, and how to create momentum and endurance to fulfill dreams.

“Inner Peace Outer Abundance” is the author’s attempt to help others fulfill their goals and live more meaningful lives, based on the movement she founded: Inner Peace Outer Abundance Movement. She writes that the movement is “the merger of dream and action, to create, obtain and sustain the personal and professional results desired. By developing leadership through authenticity, creating authority through experience and increasing productivity through education: those that are ready to commit can succeed.”

Campbell also unflinchingly shares her own experiences, from dropping out of school at age 11 to help in her parents’ restaurant to a harrowing journey from her home in Vietnam, escape from pirates and two years in an Indonesian refugee camp before being sponsored to come to the United States. She relays her gradual moves from living on the charity of relatives to eventually becoming a successful real estate agent and loan broker, as well as the change from broken relationships to a successful, happy marriage. Case studies about clients also shed light on how her methods can work.

The author’s BEACH Success system – based on the calm of the water – can help readers to break through fears and live a loving life filled with fun, abundance and happiness. She describes how people can listen to their inner voices to learn the desires of their heart and find their own path. Her method of training and coaching is based on the IPOA movement but is designed for the specific and individual needs of every client, whether that be a personal, professional, spiritual or strategic need. The book aims to help readers break through their fears while creating the peace and abundance that allows them to live the life of their dreams.

Kim Ha Campbell is a motivational, information and inspirational speaker and trainer. She features examples of real-life experiences during her sessions, providing motivation, inspiration and coaching that empowers as it educates.

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Inner Peace Outer Abundance
Kim Ha Campbell
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5653-1 202 pages $12.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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