Vyve is Changing the Meaning of Love at First Sight

A new, fun, and free dating app with a twist. Now available in the iTunes store.

Holmdel, NJ, October 03, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Vyve, the more to love at first sight dating app, is now available in the Apple iTunes store. The free dating app is truly a first of its kind, in that you get to know your matches through ice-breaker questions, and the focus is on personality over vanity, as your match’s photos are initially blurred, and are gradually unblurred as conversations progress. This is truly a new way of meeting someone, and with all dating apps turning into a quick interaction (also known as a “one-nighter”), Vyve stands as a pioneer in the field for finding true love.

Vyve was created under the premise that people are judgmental and impulsive, meaning many times personality and compatibility are overlooked, however, when you look past appearance and truly get to know someone, that experience creates an incredibly intimate feeling.

That is the feeling that Vyve Co-Founder, Daniel Russo said he aimed to capture in Vyve, “Vyve establishes a more meaningful connection between people, and builds every relationship on that foundation.”

How Vyve Works
Firstly, Vyve puts users through a personality test to determine if you are a right fit for the Vyve community. If you pass the personality test, Vyve matches you with someone who meets your criteria and gives you both the same icebreaker question to start your chat. Answer, see your match’s answer, then start chatting!

You are now paired, but you cannot see the other person. Photos are blurry and unblur the more you converse, making each person get to know each other before they get to see each other. Both people must explicitly agree to share clear photos.

Once the photos are clear, you are asked if you wish to continue chatting with your match and, to keep things more intimate, you can only store 5 clear matches at a time.

Vyve is 100% free and plans to stay that way. We have many more features planned that will be released over the course of this year. It is only out on Apple iTunes store, but an Android version is in on the way.

Download the app today and find out if Vyve is right for you! https://www.letsvyve.com/app

If you would like further information on Vyve, or are interested in working with Vyve Inc., please contact:

Daniel Russo, Co-Founder
Vyve Inc.
Daniel Russo