eVision Digital Control of Work Software to be Implemented on All Yara Sites Globally

The Hague, Netherlands, October 04, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Yara is now live with eVision’s digital Control of Work system Permit Vision on all pilot sites in France (Ambès), Germany (Brunsbüttel), and Norway (Glomfjord). The go live of the three production sites marks the first wave of the rollout of Permit Vision across Yara sites. The next step in the rollout of the digital Control of Work system is the implementation of Permit Vision across more than 20 Yara sites globally.

Permit Vision replaces the paper-based permit to work system as previously used across Yara’s operations. The digital Control of Work (CoW) system combines all of Yara’s regulations and standards on permit to work, risk assessment/SJA and lock-out/tag-out procedures into one integrated safe system of work. This standardisation leads to more consistency and control of up-to-date information and data. Through increased transparency in operational processes, and empowerment of teams, Permit Vision allows Yara to achieve greater workforce responsibility, improved asset utilisation and maximise safety.

According to Philippe Huberts, Yara Head of Digital Transformation Production, Yara is already experiencing major benefits from using Permit Vision, “We see improvements in our operations that are directly related to both efficiency and effectivity: less time is spent on administrative tasks, which results in a direct increase in hands on tool time, allowing improved asset utilisation,” said Huberts.

Philippe added that the system has shown to be particularly resilient in coping with high numbers of work items: “During planned turnarounds, we process more than three times the number of permits compared to normal operations. We are pleased to see that high numbers of concurrent users and work items do not affect the performance of Permit Vision.”

Yara Glomfjord is one of three (Yara) pilot plants where eVision’s Permit Vision has been successfully implemented. About his experiences, Yngve Charles Krogh, HES Consultant, added, “We conducted the first annual turnaround with use of the new tool for electronic work permits (eVision). More than 350 work permits were planned in advance and conducted during 4-5 days. The experiences with the new tool are very positive and we are confident that this will bring us forward in our safety work. The dedicated shift supervisors in the NA & NPK plant did an impressive task with the use of eVision and we all learnt a lot.”

Simon Kennedy, eVision COO, said, “The spirit of partnership and close working relationship with the YARA team was critical in reaching this successful milestone and driving the material benefits YARA has gained to date. I look forward to continued close cooperation as we accelerate the rollout across the remaining sites globally.”

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