AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter Adds Advanced Office 365 Usage Analytics

AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter adds Advanced Usage Analytics for Office 365 services. This new update makes it easy to find insider threats and enables organizations to find their Office 365 usage which helps to accelerate the adoption to maximize the value of their subscribed services. The newly introduced activity dashboards make it easy to catch security anomalies like continuous login failures, illegal mailbox access, abnormal file sharing, etc.

Bangalore, India, October 05, 2017 --( AdminDroid, the company dedicated to solving IT administrators’ challenges, today announced that its flagship product AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter solution now includes Advanced Office 365 Usage Analytics.

This new update helps administrators to monitor all user activities under a single screen. The activity dashboards show the key activity metrics like the number of activities and failed activities for each service. The daily trend graph allows the administrators to quickly find the abnormal activity of a user or service or operation easily and act fast on that incident. It covers all the Office 365 application such as Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Security & Compliance Center.

Using the available detailed insights, IT administrators will not only be able to extract the user activity patterns but can also measure how Office 365 services are used across their department, city, location, job title, etc.

AdminDroid is the Replacement for Restless Native Audit Log Searches:

Ensuring users are taking action on the right target is the key concern for any Office 365 administrator. To ensure this, one had to keep track of all the activities performed on the various Office 365 services. Searching and analyzing these activities through the native audit-log-search is similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

AdminDroid, however, provides a summary view of auditing events in visually appealing dashboards. It gives the weekly, monthly and daily activities trend along with the top users who made those activities. The smart filters available inside the dashboard helps to quickly slice and dice the data.

Discover, Analyze, and Monitor User Activities in a Single Screen:

Security risks can be introduced at any time by anyone so monitoring the user activities is the only solution left in the administrator’s hand. AdminDroid allows IT teams and admins to stay on top of all security issues, compliance violations, service usages, etc. All this enhanced visibility can be achieved from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Customizable views help to easily navigate the largely generated activity data. You can create this custom view by specifying filters on around 50+ properties like user department, city, location, activity, accessed file, performed activity, modified item, etc.

Following are the available inbuilt-views:

· All User Activities: It shows the activities of all users which includes your organization users, anonymous users, and external users.
· Administrators Activities: Gives you the activities of the administrators alone.
· Licensed User Activities: Helps you to find out how licensed users are effectively utilizing various Office 365 services.
· Login Activities: Helps you to get a daily trend of success and failure logins. It's easier to find abnormal login activities by users or in your entire tenant.

You can create your own customizable views easily.

AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter Capabilities Highlights:

AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter comes with advanced reporting capabilities which make tedious reporting task to an easier one.

· Automatic Schedule - Schedule one or more reports to run automatically at the configured time and delivered straight to your preferred mail-ids.
· Rich Filters - Apply filter on any columns to see only the required information and save the filter for future use.
· Easy Customization - Allow you to easily customize the reports by rearranging, adding or removing the columns and its size.
· Report Export - Ability to export the reports to CSV, PDF, HTML, XLS or XLS.

About AdminDroid:

AdminDroid is a leading Office 365 solution provider whose objective is to build IT products that are highly user-friendly and discerning solutions. The solutions built by AdminDroid are always making everyone’s life easier, and more productive. The flagship product AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter tool has been trusted by thousands of companies around 70+ countries and it has managed over 2 millions of Office 365 users so far.
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