New Virtual Racing Company Supports Charities

Reason 2 Run, LLC, a relative newcomer to the virtual racing scene, aims to offer affordable virtual races as an accountability measure for runners, while also raising money for various worthy charities.

St. Louis, MO, October 06, 2017 --( A newcomer to the virtual racing scene, Reason 2 Run, LLC is a small company offering virtual running events (i.e. races) in a variety of distances. What sets Reason 2 Run, LLC apart in the sea of other virtual running companies are the reasons for the company’s formation. Reason 2 Run, LLC was not formed for the purpose of striking it rich. While classified as a small for-profit company, the real force driving Reason 2 Run, LLC’s founding was twofold: 1.) to help raise much needed funds and awareness for various causes and charities – causes and charities that may not receive the mainstream media spotlight, and 2.) helping promote a healthy lifestyle through running.

Transparency is also an important tenet of Reason 2 Run, LLC. Unlike many of the other virtual racing companies out there, Reason 2 Run, LLC believes in honesty and following through on what you’re promising or marketing. Many of the other virtual racing companies out there promise to donate a percentage of the profits. Some companies are extremely vague and don’t state the exact percentage. Others hide the percentage slated for donation deep in scrolling pages. If percentages can be found, unfortunately after doing the math, it’s estimated that the majority of these companies realistically only donate cents to a couple of dollars to their charities…because remember, they’re promising to donate a percentage of the profits, not a percentage of the total registration fee. Runners seeking virtual races shouldn’t be discouraged, though. Upfront, Reason 2 Run, LLC donates $5 of every registration directly to the featured charity. (It should also be noted that there are a few other companies besides Reason 2 Run, LLC that are also open and honest about their business practices. They urge participants to research the virtual racing company, as well as the featured charity before signing up.)

Awareness of and support of a cause does not stop at charitable donations. Information is the gateway to gaining support for causes. As such, Reason 2 Run, LLC provides information about the featured cause and charity for each race, complete with references and links to additional resources such as the charity’s website.

Aside from the charitable contributions and awareness campaigns, Reason 2 Run, LLC also aims to expand the greater running community by encouraging runners of all abilities and backgrounds, providing inspirational quotes applicable to both running and life, as well as motivational playlists to help runners through the hard workouts. Running tips and personal insights are also posted in the running blog portion of the website.

To register for a virtual race, or to find out more about Reason 2 Run, LLC, the causes and charities they support, as well as some interesting running resources (such as blog posts, running playlists, and inspirational quotes), check out
Reason 2 Run, LLC
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