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Shafa Herbal Solutions Declares New Website Operational

Buckeye, AZ, February 22, 2008 --( People who are looking to quit smoking now have another source for their quest to beat cigarette and nicotine addiction once and for all. Shafa Herbal Solutions, based in Buckeye, Arizona, has announced that its new e-commerce site,, is operational and ready for business. features Quit For Sure™ products, which were developed by founder Paul Afshani, who battled with smoking himself for 47 years before developing his line of quit smoking products. While working as an herbal therapist and self-help guru, Mr. Afshani spent 12 years studying the effects of smoking on the body and mind of his clients.

By 2002, he had developed a program combining herbal treatments, hypnosis and subliminal development, and chemical tests to purge nicotine from the body, reduce cravings, condition the mind to avoid smoking, and improve general health. After using his own program to successfully quit smoking, Quit For Sure™ was placed on the general market.

Now he's reaching out to Internet users to continue his success, and the success of those who have tried Quit For Sure™.

"Quit For Sure™ helped me quit my habit and break my addictions to cigarettes. It was created out of love for my family, and concern over my own future. It saved my life, and I want it to help others as well. I am passionate about helping people quit smoking if they are truly interested in quitting, and now we have a website to help us do that." - Paul Afshani, founder of Shafa Herbal Solutions contains the entire range of Quit For Sure™ products available for sale as well as complete product information and information about addiction, clinical studies, smoking data, testimonials, articles about smoking and other information to help educate smokers.

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