Obama Wins Big with Wine Crowd

Austin, TX, February 22, 2008 --(PR.com)-- According to a straw poll conducted by Wine Bat, an Austin-based wine-event company, Senator Barack Obama is the favorite presidential candidate among wine drinkers. Eighty-one wine drinkers (53 female; 28 male) were polled during blind wine tastings held on Monday, February 11 and Monday, February 18 at Green Pastures Restaurant in Austin
(http://greenpasturesrestaurant.com/) and hosted by WineBat.com.

Obama received 31% of the votes, beating out Senator John McCain, who received 21%. Senator Hillary Clinton received 7%. Ten percent of the wine drinkers, however, said they planned to vote for whichever Democratic candidate is elected.

When put up against McCain during the general election, Obama scored even higher, receiving 59% of the votes to McCain’s 27% (the remaining voters were undecided or had no answer). Against Clinton, McCain received 36% with Clinton receiving 50%.

The majority of the polled wine drinkers were Caucasian whose annual household income is more than $75,000. (See data below for more information.)

“I’m surprised—given the high number of women who attended these tastings—that Clinton didn’t received more votes,” said Damon Young, president of Wine Bat.

Since August 2007, Wine Bat’s weekly blind wine tasting series has occurred at different locations in Austin, Dallas, and Denver. The results from these tastings are published on Wine Bat’s web site.

Young said he plans to host future Wine Bat tastings in Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston, New York City, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Ann Arbor, MI. For more information, please visit the Wine Bat website.

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