National Home Doctor Service Acquires MD Home Call to Support Growing Need of Patient House Calls

Acquisition Significantly Expands Company’s Leadership Position in the Home Patient House Calls Industry

Toronto, Canada, October 07, 2017 --( MD Home Call (MDHC), a leader in connecting patients and physicians in the Greater Toronto area for doctor house call and visits has been acquired by Crescent Capital backed National Home Doctor Service (NDHS). NDHS based is Australia’s largest network of home visiting doctors with offices in Canada. NDHS’ role is to provide treatment of acute, episodic illness and injury to patients at home, when they urgently need to see a doctor, but their GP is closed. By providing this service, they are supporting the family General Practitioner by ensuring their patients have 24 hours access to quality primary care. Through the acquisition, NDHS will bring the same quality care to Canada.

“NHDS has a track record of supporting mid-market companies like ours to a scale where they can have real enduring impact on the Healthcare system,” said Dr. Alissia Valentinis, founder of MDHC. “We are confident that they are the right partner to further the interests of MDHC’s patients, many physician partners, and both provincial and private payors and are excited by this business combination and the go forward potential of this venture.”

Home Call Doctor visits support a growing trend for patients who may otherwise go to a walk-in clinic or get no care at all. Patients may have no family doctor or can't get in to see their physician in a timely manner. It brings care right to the door of those with no transportation, such as seniors without a driver's license or disabled patients who can't access bus service. In addition, it helps those who can't leave their homes, like a mom who has no one to babysit her other kids while she takes a sick child to a walk-in clinic or a patient with an injury that limits mobility.

Board Member and CEO of MDHC for a number of years Mukund Chopra adds, “support of the provincial payor coupled with a rapidly ageing population in Canada make this a really compelling opportunity set. We are very excited to see NHDS make a lasting contribution to tackling these issues.”

“We are very pleased to welcome MDHC into the broader NHDS family. The team has done an exceptional job building a service which has had a positive impact on tens of thousands of patients already,” stated Adam Wilson, head of NHDS’ Canada operations.

About MD Home Call:
MD Home Call is a physician home call service which operates in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa areas. The company services thousands of patients a year with 100+ physician partners. MDHC was founded in 2006 by Dr. Alissia Valentinis and differentiates itself using mobile technology to enhance it’s patient centric approach. The company is also backed by a group or private investors who have supported it through rapid recent growth and technology development since 2014.

About NHDS:
The National Home Doctor Service is an Australian company who are the largest provider of Home Call Services in Australia executing house calls to millions of patients a year throughout the country. The company has recently expanded into the Canadian market via acquisition.
MD Home Call
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