Learn to Choose the Right Piezo Actuator at Noliac's Webinar on October 12

At the free, online course “Quasi-static actuators,” October 12, there will be an introduction to the basic parameters, useful when selecting a piezo actuator for a quasi-static application.

Kvistgaard, Denmark, October 08, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Behaviour under load

The load applied to a piezo actuator plays a crucial role in defining its performance. This webinar describes the two basic types of loads: Constant load and spring load, but more complex loads are also addressed. The displacement curve generated under the different loads is explained. The webinar includes a case study showing a practical example of how to choose a piezo actuator meeting specific requirements.

1 hour free piezo webinar

Noliac’s webinars are held by two experienced engineers from Noliac giving a thorough introduction to quasi-static actuators. The webinar is live, and with the chat function, it is possible to ask questions to the presenters during the webinar.

Practical information

There is a limit of 25 participants for each webinar. It is possible to so sign up at http://www.noliac.com/?id=661 .

The webinar takes place October 12 at 3 pm CET. Participants will receive a link with all the practical information approximately 1 week before the webinar takes place.

Webinars and tutorials about piezo technology

The purpose of our piezo webinars and tutorials is to get anyone interested closer to the world of piezo. Noliac provides insight from the basics of piezoelectricity, piezo components and different types of piezo actuators to complex piezo motors.

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Find the webinars at http://www.noliac.com/?id=661
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