Inspired LED, LLC Introduces New 2-Zone Independence Dimming System

Low-Voltage Controller Provides Convenience of Plug-in Installation with Look of a Hardwired Switch using Energy Harvesting Technology.

Tempe, AZ, October 10, 2017 --( Following a year of research and development, engineers at Inspired LED, LLC have announced the release of their latest innovation: the new 2-Zone Independence Dimming System. Designed pair the convenience of a plug-in LED system with the finished look of a hardwired wall switch, this new series of products promises to make low-voltage lighting installation and control more convenient than ever before.

Traditionally, an LED system can be wired for dimmable control in one of two ways. When using a low voltage plug-in power supply with a standard outlet, control is achieved using an “in-line” device such as a low voltage dimmer or remote. The primary benefit to these types of systems is their ease of install, which rarely requires the services of an electrician.

However, some consumers may find that these in-line controllers lack the perceived permanence and familiarity of a standard wall switch. To achieve this more traditional method of control, LEDs must be powered using a hardwired dimmable transformer connected directly through the high voltage lines of a compatible wall dimmer. But while this type of system may be a bit more integrated into the home, it can also be quite a bit more expensive especially after adding in the cost of hiring a licensed electrician.

“The new Independence Dimmer represents a unique shift in thinking about LED system control,” explains Inspired LED owner, Jim Levante. “Until recently customers had to make the choice between the style of a hardwired system and the convenience of a plug-in power supply. Thanks to this product, we are able to offer consumers the best of both worlds at a highly-competitive price.”

Originally released back in 2015, Inspired LED’s first Independene Dimmer quickly made a name for itself as a convenient alternative for those locations where traditional installation methods were not possible, or not desired. By utilizing energy-harvesting technology, the Independence Dimmer’s wireless switches could send RF signals to remotely located receivers, enabling low-voltage LEDs to be turned on, off, or dimmed from anywhere in a 30 meter range. But like any emerging technology, the convenience came at a price.

After several years of steady sales, Inspired LED’s product engineers began to evaluate ways in which the Independence Dimmer could be improved.

“We began with the goal of cost reduction,” explains lead engineer Tanner Leland. “We wanted to help make this product more accessible price-wise to the average customer, while offering increased versatility in system design. So in addition to general optimization, one of the ways we accomplished this was by incorporating the new two-zone control function.”

While Inspired LED’s original Independence Dimmer allowed several receiver units to be controlled from a single switch, the new 2-Zone Independence Dimmer now features the added ability to control two separate lighting zones from each receiver. Individually powered LED systems can be controlled together or separately, with options for cross-over controls from multiple switches. Depending on the lighting layout desired, this simple change has the potential to cut time and installation costs in half.

Additionally, the New Independence Dimmer also boasts more efficient programming, improving the speed of the wirieless pairing process. A more responsive dimmer ensures precise control over LEDs, while a new “quick-click” function immediately returns dimmed lights to full brightness.

“And, of course, we’ve kept all the best elements of the original model—like long distance control from up to 30 meters, smart memory functions to retain your most recent settings, and the ability to mount your switch just about anywhere,” Leland adds.

The new 2-Zone Independence Dimmers and Receiver units from Inspired LED are on sale now both online and in-store at the company’s Tempe, Arizona location. Single and Dual switches are available for universal or split-zone control, while receivers can be purchased with either 3.5mm plug-in ports for use with Inspired LED interconnect cables, or screw-terminal ports for use with bulk 16-22 AWG cable.

All Independence Dimmer components are sold separately, and must be programmed upon receipt. An instructional video can be viewed online here, as well as on any Independence Dimmer product page at

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