ACES Alumni Have Come Together to Form the New ACES: Advocate, Coach, Empower Single Parents

Detroit, MI, October 11, 2017 --( Former members of the Association for Children for Enforcement of Support, will coach single parents will to empower them to move from poverty to self-sufficiency, and develop needed parenting, life and career skills. Including:

· Advice and information about collecting child support
· Advice about budgeting, time management, parenting and life skills.
· Assistance to apply for needed services such as Medicaid
· Coaching for career advancement and starting your own business

Also they are seeking social and economic justice or older low and middle-income women who were single parents most of their lives are now experiencing economic hardship, such as a lack of retirement savings, housing, and healthcare.

The New ACES provides coaching from single parents whose children are now grown. They have experience with navigating the government child support system, raising children alone and moving from poverty to economic stability.

About the Original ACES Organization
ACES, Association for Children for Enforcement for Support, was the largest child support advocacy organization in the country from 1984-2008 with 400 chapters in 48 states and 50,000 members. ACES members worked together to reform the child support enforcement system and successfully advocated for laws, such as income withholding, attachment of federal income tax refunds to collect child support payment. The organization went out of business during the Great Recession.
ACES: Advocate, Coach, Empower Single Parents Advocate, Coach, Empower Single Parents
Gerri Jensen