The International Assoc. of Who’s Who Has Named Dr. Richard Evan Steele Professional of the Year

Dr. Richard Evan Steele of Silkeborg, Denmark is recognized by the International Assoc. of Who’s Who for exemplary achievements in the field of Medicine.

New York, NY, October 11, 2017 --( Dr. Richard Evan Steele, MD, MPH, PDC, BCSPHM, is truly a renaissance man, exploring new ways to change the world around him. Beyond his role as a medical professional, Dr. Steele is a passionate healthcare advocate. His medical acumen combined with his true concern for the welfare of the healthcare system and all those who it affects have allowed him to become a notable key thought leader.

Today, Dr. Steele divides his time as Medical Director of the Klinikken Livet Aps in Denmark, a clinician, a public health specialist, an educator, and a conference speaker.

With over 20 years of industry experience, he is passionate about speaking on important topics and has become dedicated to planning workshops, seminars, and conferences. He is a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker, and trainer. In fact, one of his most noteworthy presentations was in Brussels, Belgium at the 14th International Conference on Integrated Care. It was there that one of his more recent publications, a book titled Managed Care in a Public Setting was central to conversation. Managed Care in a Public Setting focuses on Dr. Steele’s plan to improve care for those who are poor and to improve general public health. It outlines his thinking for how to provide the best possible care for all.

This book is part of Dr. Steele’s overall plan to:

1. Implement a model program based on the strategy in his book in order to start a much needed revolution in the delivery of healthcare and social services
2. Reign in the evidence-based freight train so that evidence is only used where relevant and timely
3. Become known as the “go to” rehabilitation expert

As part of his initiative to impact true change, Dr. Steele founded the Socio-Health Organization with the goal of breaking down any obstacles in the way of developing a cheaper, efficient system that every individual can benefit from. You can learn more about the Socio-Health Organization at and direct any funding to

Dr. Steele earned his medical degree from Aarhus University and his MPH at the Public Health Administration and Management department from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. He also holds a postdoctoral degree in Health Services Research and International Health System Comparison. His accolades are many, and he is affiliated with the Delta Omega Alpha Honorary Public Health Society, the Kaplan Medical Society, the Danish Society for Integrated Care, which he chairs, the Danish group Spiritually Oriented Doctors, the International Foundation for Integrated Care, the Danish Medical Association, the Swedish Medical Association, the World Association for the Advancement of Low Level Laser Therapy, the Danish Medical Association, and the International Association of Pain. He also acts as Chairman the Socio-Health Organization and the Danish Society for Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Steele’s experiences range from across all areas of internal medicine, pediatrics and psychiatry. He spent 5 years as a medical consultant with a series of community social systems, and 3 years as chief of a mobile clinic.

When speaking to Dr. Steele, his passion is impossible to overlook. He says, “I have for decades fought bureaucrats to bring about better conditions for the socially outcast and downtrodden. It is my firm conviction that the inability of society to provide each and every individual with optimal conditions to become able to contribute honestly and meaningfully to the common good is not only unjust, unfair and callous, it is also bad business. In the long run, it is much cheaper to invest in this than it is to pay for not investing in this.”

Most recently, Dr. Steele has published his long-awaited autobiography which is available for purchase on Kindle at He also co-edited A Critical View of Medical Reasoning (1995) as well as a new book that is soon to print, titled Pain, Depression, and Social Dysfunction. When he is not finding new ways to equalize and standardize healthcare across the globe, Dr. Steele enjoys exercising, playing chess, practicing guitar and violin, spending time with his family, and flexing his foreign language skills, as he is fluent in English, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian, and proficient in French and German.
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