Cabernet Sauvignon Drinkers Support Obama, McCain Claims Pinot Noir

Wine Bat blind tasting reveals wine drinking inclinations of Obama, Clinton and McCain supporters.

Austin, TX, February 22, 2008 --( Recent polls, conducted during’s weekly wine tasting events in Austin, TX show the majority of those in attendance (79%) prefer red wine over white wine (12%). Those who had no wine preference made up about 9% of the pollsters. Of those red wine fans, 30% support Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign and 20% are in the John McCain camp. Hillary Clinton garnered 6% of the votes and those undecided accounted for a full 30%. Undecided but Democrat brought in 8%.

The candidates received more even support from white wine drinkers with Obama getting 30% of the votes, McCain with 30%, Clinton with 10%, undecided at 20%, and undecided but Democrat with 10% of the votes.

When asked to name their favorite grape varietal, 38% of respondents went for Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Noir was the second most popular garnering 17% of the votes. Syrah ranked third at just under 10%. Obama was the favorite candidate among Cabernet Sauvignon aficionados with 50% of the votes. 35% of Cab drinkers were undecided, 10% undecided but Democrat, and just 5% supported McCain.

However when it came to those who prefer Pinot Noir, McCain received the lion’s share of votes at 55%, followed by Obama at 22%, Clinton 11%, and those undecided also at 11%. Syrah was dead even with McCain, Obama and Clinton each receiving 20%. 40% of Syrah fans were undecided.

So which candidate’s supporters drink the most wine? Undecided Democrats purchase 10.3 bottles per month on average. Clinton supporters buy 9.6 bottles per month. McCain’s camp is next at 9.3 and finally Obama’s crew comes in at 7.9 bottles per month.

Polls conducted Feb.11 and Feb.18, 2008. 81 participants (53 female; 28 male)

by Mason O'Neal

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