The Future is Crystal Clear with New Nostalgia™ Large Capacity Automatic Clear Ice Cube Maker

Green Bay, WI, October 12, 2017 --( It’s time to dress up your drinks and entertain in style. Differing from the more commonly available ice cube makers that only produce white ice cubes, the Large Capacity Automatic Clear Ice Cube Maker from Nostalgia™ produces clear, artisanal-like ice cubes. Not only do clear ice cubes last longer and do a better job of chilling your beverage, but they also look better while suspended in delicious refreshments.

The Clear Ice Cube Maker, instead of freezing water from the outside in, freezes water from the inside out in the same way icicles freeze and form in nature. This inside-out freezing process is key to creating crystal clear ice cubes. By continually running water over a cold, honeycomb-like metal tray, the Clear Ice Cube Maker allows ice to gradually build up along the walls of each honeycomb compartment until the tray is filled with clear ice cubes.

Aside from being aesthetically striking, professional bartenders and craft cocktail connoisseurs much prefer the clear ice product. In comparison to white ice, clear ice is significantly denser, melts more slowly, and keeps drinks colder longer. Plus, during the freezing process, air bubbles are removed, effectively eliminating the chance of ice cubes breaking up and quickly diluting their crafted drinks. White, bullet-shaped ice cubes melt much faster due to the shape, which includes a middle hole that increases the surface area of the cube.

“It’s not hard to see why clear ice cubes are worth pairing with your favorite cocktails and spirits,” says Rob Houston, Director of Product Development. “We’ve noted a trend towards more finely crafted cocktails where bartenders are taking greater care in selecting the best glassware, liquids and garnish for each drink. It has almost become an art, and selecting the best ice has rightly become just as important an element in the cocktail equation.”

Making up to 33 pounds of crystal clear ice cubes in a 24 hour period, the Clear Ice Cube Maker is ideal for hot summer days, barbecues, or any occasion worthy of celebration. The control panel includes user-friendly LED lights for choosing between multiple ice cubes sizes, and indicating when the unit is powered on, the ice basket is full and water needs to be added to the water tank.

The Nostalgia™ Large Capacity Automatic Clear Ice Cube Maker is available in stores or online at Walmart for $149.99.

Nostalgia™ Large Capacity Automatic Clear Ice Cube Maker (Item # ICMCC33) Product Features:
· Makes up to 33 pounds of solid, crystal clear ice cubes in a 24 hour period
· Clear ice lasts longer and keeps drinks colder than white ice
· LED indicator panel includes lights for power, ice full and add water
· Select from multiple ice cube sizes: small and large
· Ice cube basket and water tank are easily removable for convenience
· 2.5 liter water tank capacity with drain
· Includes ice scoop
· Refrigerant: R600A

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