Unveils Exciting New Supply of Boilers

The online plumbing and HVAC supplies company adds to its growing stock of supplies.

Brooklyn, NY, October 17, 2017 --(, the discount seller of plumbing and HVAC supplies, recently announced it will stock a new and expansive supply of boilers. The selection includes conventional and condensing boilers in various options, including wall and floor mounted, heat-only, combi, natural gas, propane, or oil-fired boilers. The boilers are sourced from brands Buderus, Bosche, and Triangle Tube. The prices of these boilers, along with all the other supplies from the company, are the most competitive in the industry. Now PexUniverses’ customer base will have the pleasure of purchasing the most competitively priced boilers, along with the many other products on the site.

The condensing boilers in stock come in both heat-only and combi options. They can be wall-mounted or floor-standing and are either propane or natural gas, but all are highly efficient. Another boiler type to choose from is cast iron. These cast iron boilers come in the form of traditional gas boilers, floor-standing boilers, or non-condensing boilers for residential and commercial heating applications. The oil boilers are chimney vent and direct vent type boilers in sizes suitable for residential and commercial use. Another category PexUniverse added is select options of boiler venting. Venting includes category 3 stainless steel and polypropylene vent pipe accessories for condensing and non-condensing boilers.

About PexUniverse is an online plumbing and HVAC supplier that is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Since being founded 11 years ago, PexUniverse has continuously grown to be an all inclusive plumbing and HVAC supplier. Along with its supplies, the company has grown to have an unignorable presence on social media, especially platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which is a good indication of its future growth.
Jason Bold