Nostalgia™ HomeCraft On Tap Beer Growler System Makes an Attractive Countertop Beer Dispenser

Green Bay, WI, October 14, 2017 --( Drinking beer and solving problems might be what Nostalgia does best. At least that’s what they like to think. But if finishing off a keg of beer is too much to consume before that beautiful hoppy flavor goes awry, and a 64-ounce growler never makes it through the night, the new HomeCraft On Tap Beer Growler System from Nostalgia might be the answer.

As the market share of the craft beer industry continues to grow, the need for ways to keep local craft brews fresh has become increasingly important. To keep things fresh, beer needs to stay cold, kept out of light, well pressurized, and protected from oxygen. Whether small-batch homebrewing or picking up a growler of beer from a local craft brewery, the On Tap Beer Growler System solves the growler perishability problem by keeping your brews cold, dark, under pressure and void of oxygen.

Usable with all standard-size 5 liter mini kegs, the On Tap Beer Growler System utilizes 16 gram CO2 cartridges to keep non-pressurized beer fresh and well-carbonated for weeks. Available in an elegant stainless steel exterior, this unit is far more compact than a kegerator and fits neatly on a kitchen or bar countertop.

“For small-batch homebrewers and those with a big thirst for their favorite local brew, we’ve included a reusable 5-liter keg and three 16 gram CO2 cartridges with this system,” explained Gregg Bond, President of Nostalgia Products. “And what’s great about this setup is that you can keep your beer fresh and carbonated for over 30 days. It gives you plenty of time to enjoy your beer without the worry of it going flat or stale. Oh, and by the way, this thing also works wonderfully with craft sodas and nitro coffee.”

The LED-lighted adjustable temperature gauge (adjusts between 36°-53°F) works in unison with the CO2 cartridges by keeping beer at the ideal temp, effectively pumps each pour of beer with a refreshing burst of carbonation, while keeping beer fresh for weeks. After the keg runs dry, the beer lines can be cleaned with the included squeeze bottle cleaning kit.

The Nostalgia™ HomeCraft On Tap Beer Growler Cooling System is available at Walmart with a suggested retail price of $199.99. This unit will be on sale starting November 1st for $149.99.

HomeCraft On Tap Beer Growler Cooling System (Item # CBD5SS and CBD5) Product Features:

· Compatible with all standard 5-liter pressurized/non-pressurized gravity kegs – includes reusable growler keg!
· Elegant, stainless steel design perfectly complements any kitchen or bar countertops
· Works with standard CO2/N2O cartridges to keep beer fresh for 30+ days
· LED adjustable temperature control keeps beer between 36°-53°F
· Easy-pull tap handle moves forward to dispense
· Quiet operation: no compressor – no vibration – low noise
· Stainless steel drip tray catches overflown beer and removes for easy cleaning
· Squeeze bottle cleaning kit keeps beer lines fresh and clean
· Includes 3 non-threaded 16g CO2 cartridges
Nostalgia Products LLC
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