Elthos "The Mythos Machine" is Currently Available in Free Open Beta

The Mythos Machine is now available in Free Open Beta. Therefore, this is an absolutely great time to try the Mythos Machine and see what it can do.

White Plains, NY, October 15, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The Mythos Machine is a web application that supports Elthos RPG with comprehensive set of Game Prep tools is now available in free Open Beta. This means game players and gamemasters can have access to all of the features of the web application on an unlimited basis for the duration of the Beta.

While explaining about this feature, the spokesperson stated, "You can use this free Version as a Player or upgrade yourself to Gamemaster for free. You can also download a PDF copy of the latest draft of the Elthos RPG Core Rules Book, also for free. Therefore, this is an absolutely great time to try the Mythos Machine and see what it can do! Take a spin around the Mythos Machine."

He also continued by adding, "As a Gamemaster, you can create a fictional World with a background story that your friends will play Characters in, and you referee their adventures in your World as you're playing the game. You create your World's history, creatures, cultures, and everything else according to whatever appeals to your imagination. Then you invite your friends and they Generate Characters and begin their adventures in your World. It's awesome fun!"

"To join the free Open Beta version, the gameplayers and Gamemasters will be asked to create an account using valid email address. Once they have their own account, they can go to the Player Info and Select a Gamemaster. Please select 'Gray Falcon' for testing purposes, and the 'Demo Beta World' to freely create characters in. Then they can generate some characters and see how that works. If needed, they can also upgrade to Gamemaster and start creating an original and unique World of their own!"

Downloading The Elthos RPG Core Rules Book is the best way to familiarize yourself on how the Elthos Rules work. The Elthos RPG Rules are genre and settings neutral because they are designed to help Gamemasters to build their own Worlds in any way they wish.

The spokesperson finished with the point that, "If you're an imaginative person who enjoys creating your own RPG Worlds, Elthos was built for you."

About Elthos,

Elthos is a company that produces Next Generation Role Playing Game utilities, such as the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine, and related items including rules books, adventure modules, and merchandise. For more details, visit https://elthos.com

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Mark Abrams
914 222-3209
333 Mamaroneck Avenue #446, White Plains, New York, United States, 10605