Business Owners Become a Part of the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Conversation

In today’s business culture, the term diversity and inclusion (D&I) is constantly being thrown around but what does it really mean within today’s marketplace, especially within the IT community? Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup), Owner, Vernita Naylor will provide the insight of how D&I is associated with the color you speak at Tech Inclusion 2017, Speaking in Colors.

San Francisco, CA, October 17, 2017 --( Tech Inclusion 2017 will be hosting an event in San Francisco in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs that is designed to educate business owners on the diversity and inclusion (D&I) conversation. Small Business Ambassador, Published Author and Founder/Owner, Vernita Naylor, will be speaking on the topic, Speaking in Colors.

"Diversity and inclusion are not only for employees, it’s for business owners also, be a part of the conversation." - Vernita Naylor

Everyone has a color that resonates with them when they speak. Each color and interaction determines the success and failure of the partnership. Speaking in Colors will teach business owners on how to use their diversity to increase inclusion within the business and technology marketplace. What is your color?

Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup), is an Integrated Business Resource Company that provides education and support services to business owners, non-profit organizations and buying agencies. We are a small, woman minority-owned certified business. We are advocates for disadvantaged and underrepresented (small, woman, Veteran, LGBT and minority-owned) businesses and policy change agents specializing in the supplier diversity and, government contracting industry. We understand the challenges that businesses are facing in today’s marketplace whether they’re a start-up, growing or maturing company. We have customized programs and services to suit every need regardless of whether the need is for a one-on-one consulting or group facilitation session.

Vernita Naylor (Founder/Owner JEGroup), Published Author, of "Get the Cheese, Avoid the Traps: An Interactive Guide to Government Contracting," a step-by-step technical resource guide designed to help business owners of all sizes create and maintain a strong infrastructure while growing through the supplier diversity and government contracting programs. In 2017, selected Top 50 Small Business nationally to speak with policy makers and legislators at the Small Business Policy Forum; 2016, selected Top 100 Small Business nationally and received a special White House invitation to be a voice for other small businesses; and 2016, spoke on Capitol Hill with Senator Harry Reid (Former U.S. Senate Democratic Leader), and Senator Martin Heinrich (New Mexico) pertaining to Business Leadership on National Monument Designations.
Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup)
Vernita Naylor