The One-of-a-Kind Portable Power Pack That Saves You from Being Stranded in Emergencies

Jump Monster Announces the Launch of Jump Deeda, Now Available on Indiegogo

Sunnyvale, CA, October 20, 2017 --( Winter is coming and there is nothing worse than being left stranded in a lonely parking lot at night, in the snow or with a low battery. While there are many jump starters on the market, it is rare to find a one-of-a-kind portable pack with jump starter that satisfies various power needs for road trip uses.

Meet Jump Deeda. Jump Deeda is the power pack that saves you from being stranded in emergencies. The Jump Deeda is more targeted to daily use. Based on an innovative combination of jump starter, power bank with AC/USB-C outputs and wireless chargers, the Jump Deeda is a one-stop shop for helping to start any car.

Features include:

Easy and secure jump start: With a one touch start sequence, even in winter mode, you can jump start your car in emergencies, even in cold weather;
Unique self-warming feature: A unique feature for Jump Deeda and let it detect the surrounding temperature and warm up itself to be ready to jump start cars. Therefore, the Jump Deeda can be used in extremely cold weather conditions.

Daily charging ports with AC and USB-C: Power up your latest phone, tablet, laptop and other handheld devices fast; A clamp design: clamps. The design and material of the clamps make it more safe and durable when jumping start cars. It is easier for people to use and it will warn users when they connect the clamps on the opposite side by mistake; Wireless charging: Supports QI standards, making charging life free and easier than ever; and Safety and protection: Supports protections like temperature, current, voltage, short circuit, reverse polarity, to name just a few.

“After so many years in the jump starter industry, we decided to create a jump starter that is both appealing in appearance and versatile in function,” said Jerry Ye, CEO of Jump Monster. “We wanted not only a one touch start, but a unique and portable shape and design that is durable and secure so we used materials that are more durable and secure than most in the market.”

Jump Deeda is live on Indiegogo, starting at $139. For more information, visit

About Jump Monster:
Jump Monster is a brand of ZK Tech. Founded in 1997, ZK Tech is a leading jump starter manufacturer in the market, with over 1 million unit sales annually. Since the first day of ZK Tech, the company aims to achieve the highest energy efficiency through its products. It is a new force, but it leads the field of automotive power and fashion trends. After more than a decade, ten years or precipitation and accumulation, JUMP Monster always purses the enthusiasm of innovative design, tireless study, bold innovation.
Jump Deeda
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