Pain Recovery Center of Tyler Now Assisting Injured Workers in Tyler, Texas

Pain Recovery Center of Tyler is now assisting injured workers in Tyler, Texas as a workers’ compensation practice.

Tyler, TX, October 20, 2017 --( Work injuries are a common occurrence each and every day in the United States. Many workers are at risk of injury no matter what sector they are in, ranging from machinery injuries in production workers to carpal tunnel syndrome in office workers. When an injury occurs, individuals in the Tyler, Texas area can depend on the workers’ compensation team at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler. The physicians work directly with employers, attorneys and insurance adjusters on a daily basis, so injured workers can rest assured they are in good hands when it comes to a diagnosis, treatment plan and return to work protocols.

The most common work injuries seen by physicians include slips, trips and falls from spills and items not properly closed and put away, muscle strains from heavy lifting and prolonged bending or squatting, crashes and collisions in work vehicles, forklifts and other moving machinery, repetitive strain injuries from poor posture, typing, filing, lifting and performing other work-related movements and cuts and lacerations from improper protection and equipment usage.

The workers’ compensation team at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler not only provide a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan, but they also perform a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) test to determine the injured workers ability to fully perform the physical demands of their jobs. The physicians also perform tests to determine the extent of bending, lifting and standing in order to confirm that workers are ready to return to their position following an injury.

Injured workers in the East Texas area can depend on Pain Recovery Center of Tyler to help them return to work in a timely manner. The workers’ compensation team is sensitive and understands the importance of communication between patient and employer at all times.

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Pain Recovery Center of Tyler is a multidisciplinary clinic that strives to provide chronic pain relief with over 15 safe and effective pain management techniques. The goal and mission at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler is to help patients overcome pain using the most modern and conservative pain management techniques available today. Our team works daily with attorneys, chiropractors, employers and insurance adjusters, as well as workers' compensation cases.
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