OTK Media Group, Inc. Produced "Hollywood, Unapologetic!" - “Hollywood’s Pedophiles, Predators and Gatekeepers, and the Full of Sh*t Hollywood Producers”

Los Angeles, CA, October 20, 2017 --(PR.com)-- OTK Media Group, Inc. and Emmy® Award winner Orlando Delbert have successfully produced and released the "Hollywood, Unapologetic!" – “Hollywood’s Pedophiles, Predators and Gatekeepers, and the Full of Sh*t Hollywood Producers” episode as part of the "New Hollywood Generation" movement.

“One thing about living in Los Angeles, you’ll notice right away it is a tough place to be in if you aren’t relying on financial help from your parents or anyone else,” said Delbert. “This is true for most people upon the first few years of being here until they have somewhat of a steady gig. People can be disconnected and the way many live their lives is rather backwards. There is a strong sense of disparity as a byproduct of our industry’s nature. Take logic and accountability, and then turn them one hundred and eighty degrees from what makes sense. Now, hand your distorted logic to a bunch of spoiled children to have their way with, because that is the type of logic you will be dealing with on a daily basis.”

“When you arrive in the arms of the City of Angels you might feel a certain warmth, but you will quickly discover that it is not from a welcoming embrace,” said Delbert. “You’ll realize that the warmth emanates from the thousands of people surrounding you who are just like you. This sudden realization slaps many across the face. This sudden brush with reality adds to the stresses of finding work, keeping a roof over your head, and all of the trappings that come to chasing your Hollywood dreams. This added pressure feeds into the vulnerability to predatory behavior by the unscrupulous.”

More information about the "New Hollywood Generation" movement can be found at http://newhollywoodgeneration.com.

“All too many fall victim to the casting couches and desperate misrepresented opportunities of trading sex for a job,” said Delbert. “The casting couch is very much alive all over Hollywood. Many of those who intrude on aspiring talent’s integrity usually come from the so-called 'casting directors' or 'producers' that really are not that high up in the food chain. They prey on those desperate for fame and money, knowing there is a never-ending sea of young and gullible individuals out there.”

Hollywood, Unapologetic! - “Hollywood’s Pedophiles, Predators and Gatekeepers, and the Full of Sh*t Hollywood Producers” can be seen at https://youtu.be/Oo2F4pkpPHQ.

“Unfortunately it doesn’t end there,” said Delbert. “Children also fall victim to advances and inappropriate behavior. There have been allegations of powerful Hollywood figures over the years sheltering child abusers for some time. Even those wealthy and influential Hollywood insiders who have been convicted years ago, some of which have already been released from prison, are working again with children.”

The ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ web-series can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxiMXjxxZOUEEUH7wbOG8Rg.

The "Hollywood, Unapologetic!" web-series and the “Pollyanna’s Tear Soaked Battlefields of Hollywood: A Survival Guide Against the Cynicism and the Hypocritical” series of books were designed to be at the core of the "New Hollywood Generation" as a progressive movement to encourage discussions that will initiate constructive lines of thought in the hopes to get young people to become thought leaders and to create a positive voice for themselves, their communities, and one another.

More information about Mr. Delbert can be found at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0216618/.

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