SysBeans Software Solutions Launches a Unique MCQ Based Online Exam Portal for Students

SysBeans Software Solutions has launched - an online exam portal that enables students to practice on exam papers from previous years.

Indore, India, October 24, 2017 --( Competitive exams on paper are a thing of the past. Today, almost all major examinations, the top Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations including AIIMS, AIEEE, JEE Prelims and Mains amongst others are being conducted online. Even Management, Engineering Post Graduate and Banking exams are also going online. In line with the changing scenario, SysBeans Software Solutions has launched - an online exam portal that enables students to practice on exam papers from previous years.

Not only does the portal offer previous years’ question papers for a wide array of examinations, it offers them in meticulously designed online format. This allows the student to get the best of both worlds. While the question papers allow the students to gauge the type of questions that they might face in the forthcoming examinations, the online format ensures that they get familiarised with the new technology.

In order to make the portal even more rewarding for the students, the portal offers them with detailed analytics of their performance. This aspect is meant to help each student understand his/her strengths and weaknesses and change the study patterns to enhance his understanding of the problem areas.

The portal allows the students to take exams based on previous years’ papers, as many times as required. While the student can always review his/her performance at the end of any attempt, he/she can also download a soft copy of a particular attempt. This soft copy will comprise of the student’s response, along with the correct answers and the explanations for them. Needless to say, this will help students go a long way in developing an understanding of the exam pattern and evaluate and upgrade their performance accordingly.

When asked about what prompted the inception of, the Director Manish Bhardvaj, quickly responds, “With the constantly evolving patterns in which Competitive Exams are conducted, students often find themselves in a fix. While previous years’ question papers offer them the much-needed insight, these papers are only available in the paperback format. This is a major drawback since all the present day exams are conducted in the online format. idea was to offer a solution to this very problem. We’re glad that the portal has turned out to be as promising as we had imagined, and the response that we’ve been getting from the students in the past few days has been simply tremendous!”

The portal allows monthly, half-yearly and annual subscriptions to the students for the exams of their choice. Students who are new to the portal can easily opt for a Trial Subscription to understand the nuances and gain and insight about the advantages of
Manish Bhardvaj