Zenger Folkman Reveals New Methods of Asking for Feedback in Upcoming Webinar

Zenger Folkman has some great research and advice to help alleviate anxiety about how to approach these crucial feedback conversations.

Orem, UT, October 25, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The majority of employees want more feedback. A survey by OfficeStub found that 69% of employees said they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. If they want the feedback, then why are they waiting to receive it? Why is asking for feedback so hard?

“Asking for feedback is a very vulnerable experience for many,” said Jack Zenger, CEO of Zenger Folkman. “Some employees worry that it will sound like they are fishing for a compliment. Others think it may make them look insecure or make their boss uncomfortable. But the only way to get the feedback you are looking for is to ask.”

Zenger Folkman has some great research and advice to help alleviate anxiety about how to approach these crucial conversations. The first step for the employee is to carefully consider how to frame the conversation. The blanket question, “How am I doing?” isn’t going to be very helpful. Instead, consider specific questions and what you really want to learn from your boss. Below are some examples:

- On what topic/behavior/event do I want feedback?
- What feedback process/approach is most helpful to me?
- Do I want a combination of negative and positive messages?
- How can I make the other person comfortable giving me honest feedback?
- What outcomes do I hope to achieve?

"It is important for everyone to remember that the feedback you receive is a gift, and sometimes it is poorly wrapped," explained Joe Folkman, President of Zenger Folkman. “Focus on the potential not the delivery and realize that it is a gift provided with good intentions.”

To learn more about how to ask for and accept feedback, attend Zenger Folkman’s webinar, Asking for Feedback Giving You Nightmares? Tricks and Treats to Make Feedback Less Spooky, on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017. For more information on these findings, and how to incorporate them into a leadership development plan, visit www.zengerfolkman.com/webinar.


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