Accelerating the Pace of Innovation to Combat Sophisticated Adversarial Threats in Space

DSI’s 4th Space Resiliency Summit is designed as an educational and training “Town Hall” forum, where thought leaders and key policy-makers across military services, defense agencies, and civilian organizations can come together for actionable discussions and debate. This year’s summit will focus on technology and innovation needed to defend critical space assets against increasing and new threats.

Alexandria, VA, October 25, 2017 --( Space resiliency has become of critical importance to our national security. With potential adversaries developing advanced space capabilities, military and government organizations are now heavily engaged in developing policies, plans and technology to ensure the resiliency of our nation’s satellite constellations.

In order for military commands, intelligence agencies and government agencies to meet the challenges posed to our space architecture, they, along with industry partners, will need to develop solutions to problems that didn’t exist twenty years ago. This promotes unique challenges that were not conceived when space was considered a benign environment. Now that space has become increasingly contested and congested, conversations to address this topic are more important than ever. Defense Strategies Institute’s Space Resiliency Summit, occurring on November 28-29, 2017, will focus on technology and innovation needed to defend critical space assets against increasing and new threats.

To this end, the Space Resiliency Summit will offer over 18 collaborative sessions where participants will explore the latest initiatives from leading space organizations to address this critical topic. These sessions will include:

- NASA Keynote Address: Understanding the Challenges of a Contested and Congested Space Environment
* Speaker: Robert Lightfoot, Acting Administrator, NASA

- Air Force Keynote Address: Initiatives to Acquire & Exploit Space Capabilities on Relevant Tactical Timelines
* Speaker: Lt Gen John Thompson, USAF, Commander, Space & Missile Systems Center, Air Force Space Command

- Implementing DoD Strategic Guidance and National Security Space Strategy
* Speaker: Stephen Kitay, SES, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, US Department of Defense

- Air Force Keynote Address: Understanding the Problems of a Contested Space Environment
* Speaker: Shawn Barnes, SES, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Space Operations, USAF

- Efforts to Integrate Space Resiliency in Support of National Security
* Speaker: Maj Gen Clinton Crosier, USAF, Director, Operational Capability Requirements, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans and Requirements, USAF

- Panel Discussion: “International Perspectives Towards Resiliency”
As the space domain becomes both more crowded and contested international cooperation, collaboration and open communication will emerge as vital tools in protecting space assets as well as ensuring equitable international access to space. The United States must endeavor to work with all space-faring nations to advance the peaceful uses of space, the exploration of the cosmos, and the secure use of satellites for national security, scientific, and commercial missions.

* Moderator: Victoria Samson, Washington Office Director, Secure World Foundation

* Panelists include:
- Gib Kirkham, Director, Office of International & Interagency Relations, NASA
- George Guy Thomas, Managing Director, C-Sigma
- Elle Agnew, Manager, International & Regulatory Affairs, CSA
- Natalia Archinard, Deputy Head of Education, Science and Space Section at Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

DSI welcomes any questions to have posed during the forum: questions should align with the topics of the sessions.

Seating is limited –
In order to allow for actionable discussion and dialogue amongst speaker and attendees, seating will be limited. Register now to reserve your seat in November. Active military, government and State personnel attend complimentary. Those interested in participating in the 2017 Space Resiliency Summit can visit Defense Strategies Institute's website at

Anyone interested in learning more or sending questions contact Morgan at, 1-201-266-0058.

**Summit is Closed to Press/ No Recordings**
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