Fresh Holiday Marketing Ideas for Salons and Spas from MIKAL Salon and Spa Software

Fred Dengler, CEO of MIKAL has some new, fresh marketing ideas for your beauty salon and spa going into this holiday season. Fred is the co-founder of MIKAL and has consulted with hundreds of salons and spas nationwide since 1982.

Cincinnati, OH, October 27, 2017 --( Fred Dengler, CEO of MIKAL Salon and Spa Software says "Don’t be late getting your holiday specials and ideas out there. Stores, catalogs, and web sites are already going after your clients." Many of the Salons and spas he works with generate up to 40% of the sales for the year in the last 3 months of the year and up to a third of the profits for the year.

Here are some ideas from Fred to jump start your merchandising and holiday sales:

Put up your table and shelf talkers promoting products and gift cards for the holidays.

Do a staff meeting to get the ideas flowing. Fred Dengler of Mikal salon software has designed a PowerPoint presentation that is full of great ideas that is available on MIKAL Youtube. Run and discuss the slides in a brainstorming meeting with the team. Be sure to get the team involved in the promotions. Jill Wilberger of Perfections Salon in Cincinnati says "The Holiday ideas really get the staff in the mood. It is easy to let the time slide by and important to act early."

Your retail area needs to sell the holiday gift idea. Have a sample gift basket showing 3 or 4 products and a special price. Have clients order (and pay) for pickup in the next few weeks. Offer to include a service gift card with the retail basket. Offer to ship the baskets for a handling fee plus shipping. Jacob Brickman of Rene Delyn Salon and Spa uses the MIKAL Giftcard system to eliminate processing costs for gift cards and keep all the income in house. He says "you don’t need to pay any fees to a gift card or credit card processing companies if your software can manage the cards and redeptions. Don’t waste your money salon software can handle the processing without any extra or revenue share charges."

Dengler says many of the salons and spas he consults with have a self service gift wrap station. To set one up get some paper, tape, ribbons and set up a table for clients to wrap their own gifts. Offer to wrap them for them while they are getting their service. Buy in bulk Google gift bags in bulk and get 250 bags for $50 and matching paper for another $20. Pick a bag that is unique and can hold 4 products. The frosted bags are very nice. Always put a service menu and first visit gift certificate in the gift bag. Make sure the free gift certificate states it is for service only and has no cash value.

Another great idea is to start blasting out emails to clients about your Gift baskets, your gift cards, your free gift wrapping station, put a picture of your sample gift basket on your web site and offer custom baskets and configurations.

Now is the time to launch your client loyalty program. Do you have a Loyalty Points program activated? Dengler has a free loyalty ideas book you can call and request. He feels now is the time to get the salon and spa marketing going and says from his consulting experience "Salons and spas will see up to 70% of your clients the last 2 months of the year. Make the most of this visit."

Fred Dengler CEO MIKAL Salon and Spa Software
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