Preventative Measures for New York Homeowners This Winter by Experts at Martino Realty on Staten Island

New York, NY, October 27, 2017 --( Predictions for winter 2018 are looking cold and wet. Accuweather’s lead long-range forecaster Paul Pastelok says, “This year is going to bring a good ski season in the Northeast, and around the holidays we should have some snow for the interior Northeast.” Both New York City and Boston can see an extra 6 inches! Homeowners should prepare for any winter damage with some preventative measures before the snowfall.

Martino Realty's seasoned Real Estate experts share tips for this winter:

1) Address any loose shingles. As it snows an ice damn can occur, leaving melting snow to freeze under shingles and forcing the water to back up under the roof.

2) Ice dams can affect gutters too. Before spending hundreds to thousands of dollars replacing gutters, try cleaning them before winter begins by removing Ice as it accumulates. Another option is purchasing gutter heaters, as this will prevent and melt any ice before it causes problems.

3) Winter moisture can lead to peeling paint and wood rot. Painting the exterior yourself can be an alternative to hiring someone.

4) Cracks in a driveway can occur when water collects and freezes. Try sealing any cracks in a driveway with tar before snowfall or rain.

5) Foundational cracks can cost a pretty penny. After every winter inspect the homes foundation and seal up any minor cracks.

These tips provided may not always guarantee a long-term solution, although it will be a quick fix to prevent more extensive work. Contact Martino Realty of Staten Island and speak to a specialist today. Call (718) 608-9400.
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