Paul DePalma, Author of the Best-Selling Book Becoming Adept: Applying Leadership Strategies for Lasting Change

Orlando, FL, October 28, 2017 --( Paul DePalma, CEO of ADEPT Leadership® has announced that his newly published leadership development book, Becoming Adept: Applying Leadership Strategies for Lasting Chang has achieved best seller status. Paul DePalma created his first book to introduce tools necessary for you to harness and implement your leadership potential within your business and your everyday life. He provides useful tips and tools for all individual’s; whether you are a CEO of a large company or an employee looking to enhance your career opportunities.

Studies indicate that more money is spent on leadership development than any other area of corporate learning, yet 71% of companies feel their leaders do not know how to implement the information learned. Paul and Becoming Adept: Applying Leadership Strategies for Lasting Change, delivers strategies and tactics to address that challenge.

With degrees in Economics and Organization Development, and more than thirty years of practical experience, Paul DePalma he has earned his reputation as a highly effective organization consultant, coach and group facilitator. Paul has helped organizations from non-profits to Fortune 100 companies.

Through his experience, dedication, and service, Paul has mastered the ability of bringing groups together with one common goal in mind: better results.

Becoming Adept is a highly effective Leadership development guide that describes examples, and the step-by-step strategies; you need to obtain the leadership qualities, and fundamental mindset for reaching your peak personal performance.

ADEPT Leadership® Develops leadership fluency in professionals, leaders, and teams through intensive and immersive training that fosters incremental progress and continuous improvement. ADEPT Performance SystemsSM are customized for learners at any level.

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