Applegreen Research™ Expands Globally

Applegreen Research™ paints are now available for countries outside the US as well.

Orlando, FL, October 28, 2017 --( Applegreen Research™ has taken the step to expand globally, enabling consumers outside the US to access and buy their paints on the popular Amazon platform.

The PR Representative for Applegreen Research™, Ashley Dean announced the pledge, “Applegreen Research is pleased to expand into the global market. We are a global community now and it is important to us that our message as well as our products reach far and wide, across geographical borders.”

Applegreen Research’s website and provides visitors:

Access to Zara Art Gallery

· Access to their Amazon Store:

Option to join a VIP Club for VIP offers
Access to articles providing support information on:

Therapeutic benefits of the fine arts
How-Tos: Developing fine art technique and skill
Caring for fine art tools

Applegreen Research™ is dedicated to improving the quality of life through the fine arts and simple holistic tools. We provide the research behind our products, so you can unlock all the hidden benefits to supercharge yourself. We believe in serving our customers with the right product paired with the right information.

For more information, please visit our secure website:
Applegreen Research
Ashley Dean