Donald L. Mooney Enterprises Celebrates 17 Years in Business: Hiring the Right People is Key to Small Business Success

San Antonio, TX, October 29, 2017 --( Donald L. Mooney Enterprises celebrates 17 progressive years in business this month, which is no easy feat for most small businesses. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 businesses fail in their first 18 months. Not only did this small business enterprise surpass 18 months, but they are now working towards their 18th year.

With a vision and a prayer, Texas born, disabled Army Veteran, Donald L. Mooney, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, started the company in his home with a burning passion for making a difference in people’s lives every day. For almost two decades now, he has fulfilled that dream through the strategic focus on hiring the right people, at the right time. Although his formula for hiring have gone through many revisions, his focus on hiring good hearted, hardworking, and customer-focused people with integrity has never wavered. According to Fast Company, hiring the wrong people account for 23% of why some small businesses fail.

There were many similarities Mooney saw in business to his 22 years of a military career. Volunteering for military service was easy; likewise, starting a business is easy. Extending and growing a successful military career had multiple internal and external challenges; likewise, continuing and growing a successful business has its own inherited and unpredictable challenges. He experienced many turbulent days in both settings. However, with great business coaches, excellent banking relationships, and a good accountant, Mooney was able to find stabilization and traction with the help of great employees and a very supportive family.

Today, Donald L. Mooney Enterprises continues to lead the way in workforce solutions winning more government contract awards and commercial contract relationships all across the country and the state of Texas with the Department of Defense and the Defense Health Agency, in addition to a growing list of nationally known commercial contracts with household named organizations.

Donald L. Mooney Enterprises, founded by a West Point graduate on October 13, 2000, provides workforce solutions in over 35 states and overseas. For more information about Donald L. Mooney Enterprises and its family of companies, go to
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