Sundown AI Announces Launch of New Agent Training AI

Sundown AI builds an Agent Training Artificial Intelligence that simulates customers.

New York, NY, November 01, 2017 --( Sundown AI announces the launch of their Agent Training AI solution that has the ability to model customers based on specific behaviors such as intent, sentiment, or certain actions that were requested.

The Agent Training AI allows organizations to train their agents using AI generated customer requests modeled by their client user base. Chloe first simulates customers, for example, a happy, angry or frustrated customer. She then communicates with the agent as if she was a real customer. In other words, the agent would handle conversations that could involve a frustrated client requesting a refund. Once the conversation is completed, the results are analyzed. Chloe identifies agent deficiencies, such as going off script, and provides agents with feedback to improve their performance.

“Our Agent Training AI was designed to train employees and monitor their performance in real time to identify and improve customer service deficiencies and help businesses grow,” said Fabio Cardenas, President, Sundown AI.

The Agent Training AI was built to complement Chloe, Sundown’s AI automation layer. Additional solutions include Self Service AI, where Chloe simulates agents to answer customer requests and Work Assignment AI designed to route customers to the best agents.

About Sundown AI: Sundown AI builds AI Automation Applications that are powered by NLP, graph algorithms, and machine learning. Chloe, an AI automation layer, provides companies with business solutions that allow them to simulate agents to answer customer requests, route customers to the best agents and model their behaviors to improve agent training. Learn more at
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Melissa Baker