Not Your Mother’s Turkey Day, How Singles Can Avoid Being Seated at the Kids’ Table

Greenville, SC, November 02, 2017 --( Relationship expert and author J. Hope Suis provides some thoughtful and humorous insight on attending Thanksgiving dinner as a Single in Mid-Life (SIM).

Your meat and cheese plate does not have to look like a turkey – you don’t want people to know you have that much time on your hands.

Don’t channel the Kardashians – family situations are uncomfortable enough; your clothes shouldn’t be, and grandma doesn’t need to see your thong.

Save political arguments for another time -no donkeys or elephants were harmed during the first thanksgiving.

Only the bird should be stuffed – turkeys can’t fly, and neither should the buttons on your pants.

If your host wants to say grace, allow it – don’t take a knee, you are not Colin Kaepernick.

Speaking of football...

Don’t be an armchair quarterback – you have yet to master even getting a date to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Leave the game to the pros.

One guest = one take home plate – everyone knows you’re single, don’t pack up for a family of eight.

Skip the nap – use this time wisely to swipe right. Thanksgiving is the biggest drinking holiday and you are 137 percent more likely to get a second date if cocktails are involved.

Shower before Black Friday shopping – your soulmate may be in the dogpile in electronics section at Wal-Mart.

Pace yourself with the wine – you don’t want a rep like your crazy uncle or give others the ammo as to why you are still single.

Bring a date next year – let the dinner conversation revolve around why your sister is not pregnant yet instead.

About J. Hope Suis:
J. Hope Suis is a relationship expert with over 20 years of experience in online dating, single-parenthood, and what she has coined “Solitary Refinement” which she defines as “a season of being single and continually developing oneself as an individual.” Known for her refreshing and often humorous take on “mid-life, middle of the road, meaningful singleness,” her writings have appeared in over 30 newspapers and online relationship blogs, including her column, “A Single Thought,” an advice column on single parenting. She has been cited in major media including Reader’s Digest and the Chicago Tribune and has appeared as a relationship guest on radio programs such as LA Talk Radio. She is currently a blogger for Divorce Magazine and She is the author of Mid-Life Joyride, Love in the Single Lane which was released this month.
J. Hope Suis
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