Real Estate Solutions Specializes in Buying Miami Houses Fast

A Miami company has had great success buying Miami houses from distressed homeowners who need to sell their Miami houses fast.

Miami, FL, November 02, 2017 --( Real Estate Solutions, a Miami FL based company, has a great method for buying distressed houses before the homeowners lose the foreclosure battle against their banks.

There are many homeowners of distressed properties genuinely in need of selling their houses in the shortest period of time possible. Those not fortunate enough to sell their houses timely, simply abandon them which later become problem properties for their neighborhoods. These abandoned houses get vandalized and are even used for drug and crime activities.

It is very beneficial for all parties involved, the homeowner, the lender, the neighborhood, to have a property sold before it gets abandoned. Even more so now that a foreclosure law has made it harder for distressed homeowners.

Foreclosure House Bill 87 was signed into law a few years back enacting a series of provisions aimed at speeding up the foreclosure process. Critics refer to this law as the “rocket docket” legislation, in reference to the quickened foreclosure review system now put into practice.

This law means that homeowners have less time to deal with foreclosure procedures and, hence, are more likely to lose their houses to their banks.

As a result of this law, homeowners need to react much more quickly in securing a sell of their homes before the civil courts produce final judgments on their houses.

Foreclosure is only one of many issues homeowners could face. Some homeowners have to deal with short notice relocation due to job transfers. Others have to deal with divorces, or the death of a spouse, unwanted inheritance. All of these situations have one thing in common: homeowners need to have their houses sold fast.

Real Estate Solutions is a group of local real estate investors buying houses in Miami. We are part of a larger group of investors, the largest group of real estate professionals in the state of Florida. We specialize in helping homeowners in distressed situations. We buy distressed houses fast so people can move on with their life. We buy an average of 90 to 100 houses a year.

For a free consultation about a solution that best suits your needs, contact Real Estate Solutions today at 786-395-0783 or visit their site at to learn about how to sell your Miami house fast.
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