Silicon Valley Financial Services Company, AeroPay Express, Offers Valuable Help to Businesses Affected by Recent Natural Disasters

AeroPay Express, a division of AeroFund Financial is offering up to a $50,000 Line of Credit, interest free, to qualified companies impacted by the recent hurricanes and fires who need to pay their vendors quickly. No letter of credit needed. Funds advanced in 24 hours.

San Jose, CA, November 02, 2017 --( Stephen Troy, CEO of Silicon Valley based AeroPay Express, a division of AeroFund Financial which works with hundreds of companies all over the United States, is now offering up to a $50,000 Line of Credit, interest free, to qualified companies impacted by the recent hurricanes and fires who need to pay their vendors quickly and may not have the resources to do so. AeroPay will waive all interest charges on the $50,000, enabling them to purchase the goods and services that will allow them to get back to business, while saving the company thousands of dollars in interest costs, and also offering extended credit terms. With AeroPay, there is no need for letters of credit. The mechanisms are in place to get funding paid out within 24 hours.

Troy, who was deeply moved by seeing the business and personal devastation created by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as the wild fires raging throughout California, sought to find a way to help companies get back on their feet. “We know that many of the hotels in these ravished areas, for example, will require immediate cash to get back to business. Some affected hotels may need to pay for equipment, inventory, contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners and more. We understand that vendors need to get paid and may be willing to provide a discount for early payment. We’ll get that done by providing immediate cash and pass along the savings.”

Buyers (AeroPay clients) can use the AeroPay Express virtual procurement card to pay their vendors promptly, plus receive cash back from a loyalty reward for the quick payment. Vendors of AeroPay clients can now get paid COD allowing them to have more cash to pay their own costs and build their own businesses. AeroPay is free for buyers. Vendors pay a small fee when they elect to get Early Paid and part of that discount goes back to the buyer. Vendors’ fees are waived to hurricane areas up to the first $50,000 in payments.

About AeroPay Express Services – Virtual Procurement Card
AeroPay Express offers extended credit terms for up to $10 million, rebates, lower cost to the vendors, free A/P software that uses e-invoices and works with existing A/P systems, fraud protection, larger credit limits and unlike bank cards, provides peace of mind knowing that any vendors can accept the AeroPay virtual card without having to be part of the network. By using an AeroPay Express virtual procurement card that is similar to a line of credit, buyers enjoy flexibility and a program that can be tailored to the needs of the card holder, saving them money, time and effort. AeroPay Express uses a cutting edge software system that reduces work for a company’s Accounts Receivable and Payable staff. AeroPay Express has also built a valuable business network that will help direct buyers to someone willing to do business with them, providing buyers with open credit ready to pay cash on delivery.
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