Semeon Analytics Announces Partnership with Microsoft Azure

Boosting Semeon’s value to clients, Azure will allow Semeon to scale out analytics solutions for each client, providing secure results, faster than ever.

Montreal, Canada, November 03, 2017 --( Semeon Analytics, Artificial Intelligence-powered Text Analytics platform, announces today it will be exclusively leveraging Azure for its cloud processing and storage needs. Semeon will be one of the first companies to acquire the Silver Azure Certified IP Competency, as one of Canada’s premiere Text Analytics platforms. Semeon Analytics provides companies with Actionable Insights fueled by Customer interactions from Social Media, blogs, forums, surveys, and internal databases to support Reputation and Brand strategies. Semeon’s Talent Match offers Recruitment teams a categorized list of all their applicants in order of the requirements, and experience needed for open positions, quickly and accurately.

Semeon Analytics provides teams with recommendations to optimize their Communication strategies, by understanding the trends, ideas, and Brand Advocates influencing public opinion of your products and brands. Harnessing business data coming from private databases and public channels, allows teams to validate their decisions with holistic customer data throughout the Customer experience.

“With Microsoft’s position as a leader in the Enterprise Cloud market and Semeon’s recent growth, in terms of its’ suite of solutions and its' clientele, this is a perfect time to join forces to build out more timely and impactful solutions for teams across organizations,” said David Lavoie, CEO of Semeon Analytics.

Pricing and Availability

Semeon Analytics provides SaaS (software as a service) and Managed Services to clients starting for as little as $1,000. These Reports include: Sentiment, Conceptual, Channel, and Influencer Analytics, and can be provided weekly, monthly, or quarterly. For more information on Semeon Insights and Talent Match, please visit

About Semeon Analytics

Based in Montreal, Canada, Semeon has more than 100 man years of R&D in Machine learning and Algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence. Semeon Analytics is a next generation “AI Linguistic” text analytics platform servicing businesses interested in better understanding what is being said about their brand, company, products, staff, competitors, and more. Semeon’s solution, based on Patented Semantic Algorithms to determine the Sentiment, Intent, and ultimately Predictive behaviors of clients, buyers or customers.
Semeon Analytics
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