CitrusBits Launches “Moments,” a Philanthropic Mobile App

CitrusBits, a leading mobile app development company, has launched a new philanthropic mobile app called Moments.

Pleasanton, CA, November 04, 2017 --( The app makes it easy for people to experience the real stories of people in need and donate to them, while providing transparent information about how their donations will be used.

Using Moments, donors can browse stories or projects to identify people in need they’d like to help. The app allows donors to manage their contributions and stay in touch with those they are helping. Users can track how much they have donated and can adjust their monthly donations as well.

Additionally, Moments has a social giving component – allowing users to easily promote worthy stories on their social media accounts. If you have a cause of your own, or if you want to raise donations for others, Moments makes it easy for you. Simply share your story, set a goal, and let the connected community to do the rest.

What People Can Do with Moments
The Moments donation app is the fastest and easiest way to both create fundraising campaigns and donate to such campaigns. In addition to connecting people in need to willing supporters, Moments offers the following features:
· Donation Tracking – Users can track their donations under the history tab
· Customize Donation Amounts – Choose from suggested amounts of $5 or $10, or donate a custom amount
· Social Integrations – Encouraging friends and family to donate via social media
· Fast and Secure Transactions – Give securely with just a few taps
· Create a Campaign – Share your own story or someone else’s. Set a charity goal, and let the community do the rest
· No Transaction Fees – 100% of the donation goes into the hands of those who need it most

Moments makes it easy for people to support the nonprofit causes they care about and even provides a simple explanation of how their donations will be used by the recipient.

This has traditionally been a serious challenge for nonprofits, as people are often hesitant to give because they fear that their donation might not actually make it to the hands of those they want to support. By making the process tremendously simple for all parties involved, Moments is poised to become the go-to charitable giving application.

About CitrusBits
CitrusBits is a mobile app development agency that designs and develops impactful mobile apps and responsive mobile content for businesses of all types. Having developed critical mobile apps for clients including Burger King, Quiksilver, Symantec, and Sotheby’s, CitrusBits is trusted by movers and shakers across all major industries. Yet, we’ve also enjoyed helping small and midsize businesses and select startups turn their mobile aspirations into juicy ROI. CitrusBits is passionate about helping businesses leverage mobile technology – including iOS, Android, Swift applications, virtual reality, blockchain, and The Internet of Things (IoT) – to disrupt entire industries and reach their loftiest goals.
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