Sheila Shanker Releases "Nonprofit Finance: A Practical Guide - Second Edition"

If you wonder about nonprofit finance and management, this book is for you -- "Nonprofit Finance: A Practical Guide - Second Edition."

Culver City, CA, November 04, 2017 --( If you ever wonder what a "release from restrictions" or a "Statement of Functional Expenses" is, this book is for you. It explains with many examples and simple language the nuances of nonprofit finance and management. Although it contains FASB updates, it's not just for the accounting types. People from all backgrounds can benefit from this publication as the first edition was nominated for a McAdam Book Award.

Sheila Shanker is a CPA and MBA based in California. Her extensive background with nonprofits has given her the inside track that she shares with readers in this publication. She has been the Treasurer, Director of Finance and Controller for many organizations.

A prolific writer, Sheila has various business books and over 200 articles published in print and online, including items for the “Nonprofit World” and “Journal of Accountancy.”

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Sheila Shanker