Traverse Bay Farms, Voted America’s #1 Fruit Salsa and Voted America’s #1 Black Bean Salsa Was Featured in the Detroit News on February 21, 2008

America's #1 Voted Salsa was featured in the Detroit News.

Bellaire, MI, February 24, 2008 --( In total, Traverse Bay Farms won 4 of the top prizes in the Salsa category of the 2007 Americas Best™. Winning 1 of the top prizes is good, winning 2 of the top prizes is better, but winning 4 top prizes is just outstanding.

Here is an overview of the awards won by Traverse Bay Farms at Americas Best™ Professional Food Competition:

Salsa - Fruit Category:
1st Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Pineapple Salsa
3rd Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Raspberry Salsa

Salsa - Bean Category:
1st Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Bean Salsa

Salsa General - All Category:
2nd Place: Traverse Bay Farms - Corn Salsa

America’s Best™ Professional Food Competition was held in Anaheim, California, July 13-15 and had over 900 entries making it the largest professional food competition in the nation. The America’s Best™ Professional Food Competition is the most prestigious and most recognized gourmet product competition in the industry.

To select the winners of each category, over 300 culinary expert judges conducted blind tasting of every product submitted to the competition. "We've often been told we have the best tasting salsas in America and winning 4 of the top awards certainly helps us spread the good word.", said Andy LaPointe, Director of Marketing with Traverse Bay Farms.

The company offers an award winning salsa sampler. This one-of-a-kind sampler includes one of each of the award winning salsas delivered to your door. Contact company at 1-877-746-7477 or visit the website: to learn more about America’s #1 salsa.

Traverse Bay Farms
Andy LaPointe