J. Hope Suis Explains Why Veterans Make Great Dates

In honor of Veterans Day, relationship expert J. Hope Suis explains why veterans make great dates.

Greenville, SC, November 10, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The characteristics developed by serving in the military mirror the characteristics most of us seek in a dating relationship, according to relationship expert and author J. Hope Suis. And it is easy to see why. Our veterans make amazing dates. Here are just some of the characteristics she discusses that our heroes possess.

Trust & Respect - Most of the men and women in the military are extremely trustworthy and respectful. Trust and respect for their brothers and sisters in arms were critical to survival. Many of them view trust and respect as sacred as the flag.

Loyalty - A veteran has been taught to put the needs of others ahead of their own. The military code will never allow leaving one of their own behind. Oaths and allegiances are not taken lightly.

Leadership - The training they receive equips them to handle the ups and downs and unexpected turns in life and to take charge and think quickly on their feet. You usually will not find idle or wringing hands.

Bravery - They are not rattled easily and don’t back down during difficult times. Most of them are family-oriented and believe in protecting what is valuable to them (including you!).

Discipline – Military service has taught them the value of hard work and follow-through. They are already used to regiments and schedules. You will often find them neat and organized, and with impeccable manners.

Focus – Mission accomplished is what they have been groomed to achieve. Goals and aspirations are met with laser-like focus.

Passionate - They understand that life is precious and fleeting and will work to make the most of every day and live in the moment.

On Veteran’s Day, not only thank a veteran, buy the single guy or gal a drink.

About J. Hope Suis:

J. Hope Suis is a relationship expert with over 20 years of experience in online dating, single-parenthood, and what she has coined “Solitary Refinement” which she defines as “a season of being single and continually developing oneself as an individual.” Known for her refreshing and often humorous take on “mid-life, middle of the road, meaningful singleness,” her writings have appeared in over 30 newspapers and online relationship blogs, including her column, “A Single Thought,” an advice column on single parenting. She has been cited in major media including Reader’s Digest and the Chicago Tribune and has appeared as a relationship guest on radio programs such as LA Talk Radio. She is currently a blogger for Divorce Magazine and DivorceMoms.com. She is the author of Mid-Life Joyride, Love in the Single Lane which was released this month.
J. Hope Suis
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