SmartCone Technologies and IBM Enter Joint Initiative Agreement for IoT-based Safety Solutions

IBM Watson IoT and SmartCone Technologies Combine Forces for Advanced Smart City Technology and Safer Workplaces.

Ottawa, Canada, November 14, 2017 --( SmartCone Technologies today announced that it has signed a Joint Initiative Agreement (JIA) with IBM to advance the delivery of new products and services for safety.

SmartCone Technologies develops disruptive, Internet of Things (IoT)-based solutions for safety applications, such as Work Zone Safety, Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety, and Fleet Management and Security. Smart Cities, state governments, and companies looking to improve their safety in cost-efficient and responsive ways will benefit tremendously from the team effort from IBM Watson IoT and SmartCone Technologies, which allows both companies to cultivate and expand their respective strengths in the marketplace.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to work with IBM Watson IoT,” says Jason Lee, CEO of SmartCone Technologies. “We’re looking forward to demonstrating the power and flexibility of the SmartCone platform to support safer workplaces and safer cities.”

SmartCone Technologies will be integrating with the IBM Watson IoT platform, developing detection and alert systems that not only are fit to purpose but also easily scalable. The IoT platform allows for this unprecedented combination, especially for new wearable alert mechanisms such as vibrating bracelets on workers in the field or event-triggered flashing LED lights on a safety cone or post.

“IBM Watson IoT choose to work with SmartCone Technologies for their leading innovation of TheSmartCone and the wide variety of uses as a mobile gateway, camera, and warning system,” says Jodie Fisher, Watson IoT Business Unit Executive. “We’re thrilled to integrate TheSmartCone into our Watson IoT Safer Cities and Workforce solutions."

The latest research from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration shows that on average, 70 work zone crashes resulting in at least one injury take place every day. This number has been rising steadily since 2013. The IBM Safer Workplace SmartCone placed in a strategic location before the construction site has been shown to slow traffic, and gain drivers’ attention. TheSmartCone detects a potential threat and alerts workers by triggering wearable mechanisms such as bracelets or vests, giving them crucial seconds to get out of harm’s way.

“This Joint Initiative Agreement allows us to show off the full potential of this exciting new technology,” says Lee. “As drivers and pedestrians become increasingly distracted, we will need more rapid-response and quickly deployable solutions to mitigate the rising hazards. We look forward to more and better safety around cities and highways, especially for high-risk areas such as road construction sites and city intersections.”

About SmartCone Technologies
At SmartCone Technologies, our mission is simple: we want to save lives and secure your assets. Since 2011, we’ve been researching and developing IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to make safety more intelligent, cost-effective, adaptable, and mobile, all at the highest standards of security and privacy.

SmartCone solutions have been used for securing dangerous work sites, controlling bicycle lane traffic, managing vehicle fleets, monitoring traffic incident scenes, mobile and fixed advertising, crowd control, and site security surveillance. Our clients include utility companies, departments of transportation, construction companies, engineering firms, automobile dealerships and various policing agencies among others.
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