The Organic Stylist Brings Her Services to the Castro District of San Francisco

Specializing in curly hair cutting and organic color services, The Organic Stylist attracts health-conscious clients from near and far.

San Francisco, CA, November 14, 2017 --( The Organic Stylist has moved to a sweet location in the Castro District of San Francisco. Specializing in sculptural curly haircuts and Organic Color services, The Organic Stylist attracts health conscious clients from near and far.

When asked why she specializes in curly hair, The Organic Stylist said, "It is my job to help people love their natural hair. I specialize in curly haircuts because curls have a natural movement and whimsy to them that I really enjoy working with."

The Organic Stylist's journey to become a curly hair specialist began as a curious adolescent who was never afraid to ask questions in her search for knowledge. She has built her hair care business on solid training and research and never tires of seeking out answers to color chemistry and ingredient questions that arise everyday. Her love of learning and attention to detail helps her adapt and respond to her clients' needs and has earned her a loyal following.

When asked why she moved to the Castro and what keeps her coming back to the salon everyday, The Organic Stylist responded, "I enjoy working in a neighborhood that reflects my non-judgmental and open disposition. For me, my work is an act of love and intimacy shared with my client. I feel grateful for the opportunity to forge a meaningful connections with my clients, and I find it deeply gratifying to be of service. I strive to attract clients who share my values and are looking for healthy, eco-friendly, and non-toxic hair care services."
The Organic Stylist
Jaiya Alamia
Inside Michael Roberts Haircutters
4111 19th St. San Francisco, CA 94110