Holidays Can Stress Relationships According to J. Hope Suis

J. Hope Suis provides the naughty and nice aspects of being single during the holidays.

Greenville, SC, November 17, 2017 --( If you are currently in a relationship, the holidays can be quite promising, or not, says relationship expert and author J. Hope Suis.

"According to Brides magazine, most engagements take place during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, with 19 percent of all engagements occurring in the month of December," said Suis.

Suis also says tis the season for break-ups. "Several studies have shown a rise in break-ups after Halloween which sharply increases during the twelve days before Christmas (actually two weeks to be exact). December 11 to 24 in particular hold a high risk in the break-up department," she said.

If you are worried about your relationship status and believe a nice Hallmark Channel movie may help rekindle the romance, don’t count on it, said Suis. "Over 33 percent of both men and women have admitted that watching a certain television show or movie contributed to their relationship doubts," she noted.

If you find yourself the Self on the Shelf, being single over the holidays is not necessarily grinch-worthy, according to Suis. "While 33 percent of us feel increased pressure to find someone over the holidays, there are plenty of avenues for yuletide joy," she said.

In a recent study, 60 percent of respondents said they are more likely to hook up during the holidays than any other time of year.

Where do you find your secret Santa? Suis suggests online dating. "More people sign up for online dating services from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day than any other time of the year," she said.

"Take advantage of the colder weather and cozy up for cocoa and a good swipe," said Suis. "The average Tinder user spends 77 minutes a day on the app. Profile views on Zoosk jumped by 38 percent and sent messages by 56 percent during a snowfall in New York City according to a recent survey."

She also suggested attending the holiday office party, where she noted that 25 percent of Americans admitted led to a sexual relationship and even to a long-term serious long-term relationship (29 percent). "You may join the 16 percent who met their spouse or partner at the office," she said.

Most importantly, gear up for what Suis calls "Swipe Sunday." The first Sunday after New Year’s sees the largest number of singles entering the online dating scene says Suis. " sees a 42 percent increase in new users on this single day," she said.

About J. Hope Suis:

J. Hope Suis is a relationship expert with over 20 years of experience in online dating, single-parenthood, and what she has coined “Solitary Refinement” which she defines as “a season of being single and continually developing oneself as an individual.” Known for her refreshing and often humorous take on “mid-life, middle of the road, meaningful singleness,” her writings have appeared in over 30 newspapers and online relationship blogs, including her column, “A Single Thought,” an advice column on single parenting. She has been cited in major media including Reader’s Digest and the Chicago Tribune and has appeared as a relationship guest on radio programs such as LA Talk Radio. She is currently a blogger for Divorce Magazine and She is the author of Mid-Life Joyride, Love in the Single Lane which was released this month.
J. Hope Suis
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