Experience Entrepreneurship at the Global Startup School by Tamwood Careers – Coming to Vancouver January 2018

Vancouver, Canada, November 18, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Investing in education is as important as ever, but today, there are many alternatives to the traditional MBA.

It takes more than just a good idea to have a successful business; it takes having founders who have an entrepreneurial and global mindset, a passion for their business idea, the know how to lead, develop and execute on strategy and the thirst for continued learning. Successful startups are built by entrepreneurs who have a sense of urgency, grit, and tenacity.

Canada, and specifically BC, is investing in startups more than ever before. Four of the 2017 Startup Canada Award winners, announced in Ottawa on October 19th, are from BC. However, the current efforts in BC to grow the number of startups are focused almost entirely on investing in and incubating new business ideas. Canadian startup success stories could increase exponentially if the focus is instead placed on developing more qualified entrepreneurs.

Many new business fail to launch - or launch but fail to commercialize and scale - because an entrepreneurial mindset is not a skill that is understood by every founder that starts a new venture. Successful entrepreneurs must recognize how to test, break, refine, and retest a business idea to ensure customer fit and the appropriate market size. They must know how to lead and build an effective team and how to keep enough cash in the bank to keep the lights on until there is traction and self-generated funding from their own revenue. In the existing Canadian startup ecosystem, there is no safe environment in which aspiring entrepreneurs can afford to take risks and fail.

The Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers is challenging the status quo. This new program has set out to redefine how entrepreneurship is taught in Canada with a goal of cultivating the next generation of business leaders. Beginning January 2018, Tamwood Careers is launching the Global Startup School in Vancouver, BC - a unique program bridging the gap between traditional business school and accelerators. By creating an environment where students can take risks and fail, aspiring entrepreneurs are better-prepared to understand the journey involved in creating a successful venture.

At the Global Startup School, students will be challenged to think like an entrepreneur. The school offers an Applied Diploma in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, an Applied Certificate in Marketing for Business and Product Startups, and an Applied Certificate in Management for Business and Product Startups. These programs combine the best of both a traditional business education, and the hands-on learning approach offered by accelerators and incubators. Students don’t need to arrive with a business idea in mind - the program allows students to explore and refine ideas collaboratively, while developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

In today’s fast moving marketplace, entrepreneurial skills are essential to staying ahead of the curve.
The Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers is a new and exciting addition to the thriving Vancouver Startup Ecosystem, filling the gap between formal business education and accelerators.

Led by new Program Director, Bruno Gomes, former Innovation Leader at Rio de Janeiro’s Sistema-FIRJAN, and developed in cooperation with an international board of expert advisors, the Global Startup School is designed for students who want to make an impact on the world. With its global leaders and resources, the Global Startup School aims to provide students with access to business networks around the globe, as well as deep-rooted connections within the local entrepreneurial landscape.

First program intake is in January 2018. For more information and to apply: www.tamwoodcareers.com/global-startup-school

Tamwood Careers is an accredited BC career college with campuses in Vancouver and Whistler. Tamwood Careers is the winner of the 2017 Study Travel Magazine award for Star Vocational College in the World - recently presented to owners at a gala in London, UK.
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