Introducing, Service or Privacy Please. The First Line of Personal, Portable Restaurant Table & Bar Top Request Signs.

Born, made and tested in Las Vegas, NV, the Service and Entertainment Capital of the World, whether going out for fun, romance or business, this product line has been cleverly and tastefully designed to inform your server of your service or privacy needs.

Las Vegas, NV, November 20, 2017 --( The signs and durable two-sided wallet-sized leatherette sign holder, is portable and highly visible, making for a personal, convenient and effective way to communicate with your server while you relax and enjoy yourself.

There are designs which range from sophisticated and serious to colorful and fun. Plus, for only a small up-charge, any design can be customized by adding any name or logo. Visit

“In a world where digital devices seem to be everywhere, we have created the perfect visible solution that can effectively enhance the service or privacy experience without the need for plasma screens,” says company co-founder, Brenda Brown.

Furthermore Brown states, “Those who see this idea are amazed that no one has thought of it until now. We have created a unique product that empowers consumers to gain control over what they are already paying for while also providing them with a great variety of designs from which to choose.”

Win / Win
The creators of Service or Privacy Please set out to design a product line that would create a win/win in the hospitality industry. Ms. Brown took the concept to the front lines and engaged with servers in restaurants and bars who strongly indicated that if there was a way for them to know the service or privacy preferences of their customers, it would be most welcomed. In essence here is what they said: “If we knew our customers’ preferences relating to their service or privacy needs, then we would surely give them a much higher level of service and we’d likely get better tips too.”

How It Works
It takes less than a minute to show the Service or Privacy Please sign to your server, tell him or her of your plan to use the sign and where you will be placing the sign for the server to see – creating a mutual benefit for both the customer and the server.

The product was designed to be configured three different ways depending on the desired needs of the customer: Service on one side with Privacy on the other side or Service/Service or Privacy/Privacy.
Service or Privacy Please, LLC
Brenda Brown