Book Better To Best Website Launch

Royal Griffin Publishing has launched a new website offering a free read to the book Better To Best by Duke Johnson and Ting Tsu Yu.

New York, NY, November 22, 2017 --( In the book Better to Best: Novel Ideas To Improve Governments, Economies, and Societies, Duke Johnson and Ting Tsu Yu offer fair and fresh terms for society in general, and money users in particular.

Better To Best is dedicated to the freedom of speech, press, and the right of The People to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances.

"Hopefully readers will be reminded that most significant change comes from fresh ideas and people declaring a dedication to a better way, such as the U.S. Founding Fathers and the English authors of the Magna Carta who went to war for revolution." -Duke Johnson

"Ideas can be lit like candles that spread like wildfire, and planted like seeds that take ages to bear fruit, however rapid transformations are usually due to stressed, ruptured systems that force people to adapt. Therefore it's better to be prepared with people-powered assurance insurance such as X-Cents." -Ting Tsu Yu

Given the author's genuine assertion that "every money user can benefit from Creative Currency Octaves, yet no one will lose," it's surely a difficult prospect to oppose. Duke adds, "Absurdly, what many corrupt bankers and financiers fear most, is fairness-for-all."

The Better To Best authors proclaims to the new generation, and every subsequent generation: "You have the tools! Add ambition, organization, and dedication to reap the liberating rewards of a better way!"

"Here's to improving our collective systems until The Way becomes the best, but better.​" -Royal Griffin Publishing

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